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Gifts for the Laser Sailor

Gifts for the Laser Sailor

It's no secret that many of the world's top sailors perfected their skills in the Laser. Olympic Medalists, America's Cup Helmsmen, and Collegiate All-Americans all raced the ultimate one-design. With over 200,000 boats constructed to date, the Laser is the Gold standard in single-handed, one-design sailing.

We've assembled a number of items in this section that are great gifts for any Laser sailor. If you have a more specific Laser gift in mind or don't see what you're looking for, click here and you'll be whisked away to our full Laser section. Of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Laser Epic Traveler by APS

Laser Epic Traveler by APS APS Epic Laser Traveler

The EPIC traveler is the LAST traveler that you'll ever need. It's made of New England's Wire Rope Replacement which has both a Dyneema core and cover. A high tech splice in one end to create a 6 inch loop and a whip on the other for durability. This allows smooth tiller transitions without snagging. It truly is epic.

LASER131 Laser EPIC Traveler Price: $49.95

Laser® Practice Sails by APS

Laser® Practice Sails by APS Laser® Practice Sails
Standard, Radial or 4.7
NOT class legal

We worked with top sail makers to produce the best Laser® Practice sails available. These are cut to class specifications but made of slightly heavier 3.8oz cloth for durability and a longer life. Each sail includes a window and a APS envelope sail bag. Save your expensive class sails for the big events . You will not find a better Laser® practice sail anywhere.

Practice sails include FREE digital "8s" sail numbers. As a bonus we also include a FREE APS Pro Clew Strap and a set of APS practice battens.

APS Video
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APSC101 APS Laser® Practice Sail Package - Standard Price: $209.95 APSC111 APS Laser® Practice Sail Package - Radial Price: $189.95
APSC121 APS Laser® Practice Sail Package - 4.7 Price: $169.95 SAILNUMDIG Include Digital 8 Sail Numbers Price: $0.00

Laser® Pro Outhaul Block Kits by APS

Laser® Pro Outhaul Block Kits by APS The ultimate in lightweight Laser control line systems. Choose from two options to suit your rigging.

Laser Pro Outhaul Block Kits
Single Berry

The Single Berry features a single Harken T18 block spliced to Dyneema with an eye in the other end. Simply wrap the line around the mast and past the block through the eye - easy to use whether the sail is up or down. It's a great solution for sailors who swap back and forth between a radial and full rig often and use an outhaul block tied to their boom cleat.

Combine two Single Berries for the same no knots, easy to install system with the traditional outhaul purchase.

Laser Pro Outhaul Block Kits
Double Berry

The Double Berry has the tradition two block setup with two Harken T18 and a spliced loop that slides down the spar before rigging.

LASER140 Laser® Pro Spliced Outhaul Single-Berry Price: $42.06 LASER141 Laser® Pro Spliced Outhaul Double-Berry Price: $59.31

APS Laser® Blade Bags

APS Laser® Blade Bags Simply the best blade bags available for your Laser. Designed to carry a laser rudder and daggerboard with storage compartments for a tiller and tiller extension.

APS Laser® Blade Bag
  • Fabric: Made of Top Gun and high denier polyester and padded with high density Volara foam (The high end foam used in PFD's). Padded throughout.
  • Closures: Velcro closure for the outside pocket and board entry.
  • Other: Rudder and daggerboard have separate top loading and Velcro secured compartments. Tiller and extension have separate external sleeve (accepts up to 54").
APS Laser® Club Blade Bag
  • Fabric: Made of high denier coated nylon and foam padding.
  • Closures: Velcro closure for the outside pocket and board entry.
  • Other: Daggerboard, rudder and tiller/ extension slide into separate internal compartments. Carry handle and adjustable removable shoulder strap. Bag comes with an APS decal for your name and sail number.

APSC157 APS Laser® Club Blade Bag Price: $74.95 APSC158 APS Laser® Pro Blade Bag Price: $159.95

RYA Laser Handbook

RYA Laser Handbook RYA Laser Handbook
By: Paul Goodison
160 Pages

The most up-to-date book on this very popular class. Lots of colour photographs and illustrations make this book a 'must' for anyone interested in Lasers.

Detailed chapters on manoeuvring, upwind and downwind technique, care and maintenance, body weight and nutrition and sailing theory.

More Books for the Laser Sailor:
While we've featured this particular book here, there are a number of great references for Laser sailors available in the "Laser Racing Books and Manuals" section of our website. And, since we're super nice, here's a little useful linkage over that section.

RYA001 RYA Laser Handbook Price: $44.95

Advanced Laser Boathandling DVD

Advanced Laser Boathandling DVD Advanced Laser Boathandling, DVD
Approx Length: 50 Minutes

17 sailors who raced in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, including three medalists, trained at the Laser Training Center in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. This is the first look at the footage that these top sailors used to improve their skills.

Using different viewing angles, including coach boat, on-board and aerial cameras, sailors can use step by step images on how to master maneuvers throughout the race course.

Topics that are covered in this DVD include: light, medium and heavy air tacks; light, medium and heavy air gybes, windward mark roundings, leeward mark roundings and penalty turns.

More CD's/DVD's for the Laser Sailor:
While we've featured this particular DVD here, there are a number of great digital references for Laser sailors available in the "Laser Sailing & Instruction CD's/DVD's" section of our website. We'll save you the trouble of finding that section by giving you one of those click here linky things.

LTC001 Advanced Laser Boat Handling DVD Price: $49.95

The Boat Whisperer DVDs by Rooster

The Boat Whisperer DVDs by Rooster The Boat Whisperer DVD - Upwind and Downwind
2 DVD Set

From hours of high quality video - taken from onboard and chase boat cameras - Rooster Sailing now offers Steve Cockerill's Boat Whisperer concepts on DVD for everyone.

Mast head and transom mounted cameras captured the exciting footage of three sailors venturing out at Stokes Bay in 25-35 knots. These DVD's show all the Upwind and Downwind action and presents a comprehensive debrief and investigation of the footage which enables Steve to communicate his unique perspective on sailing single-handed dinghies.

These DVD's will be useful to both experienced and inexperienced helms to improve their technique and understanding of boat handling.

The Boat Whisperer Tactics
2 DVD Set

A must have for any competitive Laser sailor, The Boat Whisperer is at it again, with the Tactics version. Features footage from onboard and spectator angles, along with in depth post race analysis, the Boat Whisperer will provide knowledge to improve all aspects of your dinghy racing.

Steve Cockerill has won over 45 major championships to date. With GPS loggers, TackTracker software and HD waterproof cameras, this is the most exciting footage out there.

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Please note that DVD's and CD's are not returnable

RST018 The Boat Whisperer DVD's, Set of 2 Price: $59.95 RST021 The Boat Whisperer DVD Tactics Price: $39.95

Bottleport Drink Holder

Bottleport Drink Holder

View larger

Where can you put a drink on a Laser while sailing that it is easily accesible, won't roll overboard or get all nasty? Simple, that's where the Bottleport comes in...

The Bottleport works in any Laser, Sunfish, small keelboat or any boat in which space is at a premium -- it quickly and easily screws into white only 5" Viking polypropylene inspection ports or 5" Ronstan inspection port with 9" of clearance beneath it. It provides a way to hold a drink container that is totally secure, out of your way, immediately accessible with one hand and provides the same watertight seal as the original lid.

And, it works great with the Fat Bag, too! Why has no one thought of this sooner? Makes a great gift.

To see how the Bottleport works, click the following link:
View Bottleport Demo

MAIBOTTLP Bottleport Price: $29.95

APS Laser® Upgrades

APS Laser® Upgrades Pro Crew Inhauler

You won't have to worry about your outhaul not easing at the windward mark using our Pro Crew Inhauler. The ultimate easy on/off clew inhauler solution is a length of shockcord with a stainless hook at each end. Simply luggage tag the middle of the shockcord through the boom cleat, cross the shock cord under the boom and hook onto the clew of the sail. The shock cord is secured using hog rings and then shrink wrapped to protect your boom from scratches.

- 5' of 3/16" shock cord
- 2 stainless steel hooks (R8420)

Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Kit

This class legal set up is the best way to control your daggerboard. Easy on/off attachment to the blade with an ultra lightweight snap shackle. Eliminates daggerboard creep with sailing upwind by applying maximum pressure vertically rather than horizontally like the traditional bow attachment. The lanyard between the shock cord and the shackle lies between the cleats on the cunningham/outhaul cleats when the board is down.

- 6' of 3/16" shock cord
- 4' of 1/8" Excel Racing
- Stainless steel snap shackle

APS Video
Check out our video for a more in depth look at this product's features. If you would like to view it please
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LASER105 Laser® Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Kit Price: $36.87 LASER110 Laser® Pro Clew Inhauler Price: $46.07

Laser Model (1:12 Scale)

Laser Model (1:12 Scale) Authentic Laser Model
1:12 Scale Model

Meticulous in every detail, these scaled Laser models are crafted to class specifications for true authenticity. The hull, blades and other parts are made with high-impact injection-molded polymer parts that are ready for painting for customization. The pre-cut dacron sails can be personalized with any sail number to give the model a personal touch.

Kits include running and standing rigging, a suitable-for-framing poster with starboard profile & deck plan. The highest standards of quality and authenticity put Classail models in a class by themselves.

CLLASER Laser Model Price: $45.95

Laser Clew Strap

Laser Clew Strap Produced by Harken, it's a combination of low friction metal sleeving and a ball bearing block facilitates easy outhaul adjustment, especially in light air.

Extensive development went into this particular design, and the hook is designed to not allow unwated release of the sail while still allowing quick release during rigging and derigging. As you can see to the left, the sail is held quite close to the boom, but should not produce any noticeable wear on the surface of your boom.

Additional Clew Straps:
While we've featured this particular clew strap, there are many Laser clew straps available. Take a look at all of the options by giving a click here.

LP83055 Laser® Clew Sleeve Price: $55.00

Acme Carbon Tiller Extensions

Acme Carbon Tiller Extensions

Both the Fatso and the Fatso Jr. are light, stiff carbon fiber construction. Fitted with RWO universals that rotate within the extension and a nonskid matte finish overall. For more tiller extension choices visit our "Tiller Extensions" page under the "Hardware" tab.

ACFS48 Acme Fatso: 48 in Price: $115.00 ACFSJ48 Acme Fatso Jr: 48" Price: $105.00
ACRUFJR Fatso Jr. Universal Replacement Kit Price: $27.00 ACRUFS Fatso Universal Replacement Kit Price: $27.00

Black Diamond Tiller by Acme

Black Diamond Tiller by Acme

The original revolutionary Laser tiller, improved by the addition of a 6" curved titanium wear plate. Made from carbon fiber with a matte finish, it's lightweight, stiff and strong. Ultra-low profile design is cut out underneath at cockpit end to clear the traveler cleat. Has the Ronstan V-Cleat for the rudder downhaul. Predrilled for Acme or other extension with an RWO universal. Features a more rounded top over the length of the extension, lower profile exit from the rudderhead and a shouldered universal mounting area for a more positive fit. Overall length 39". Weighs 11.5 oz.

ACBDOLT Std. Black Diamond Laser® Tiller Price: $210.00

C-Vane Wind Indicator

C-Vane Wind Indicator C-Vane Wind Indicator

Finally a vang that won't get caught when those close calls occur. When that pesky windward boat crossing in front of you, the C-Vane will simply shed the competitions wind vane without causing damage, simply a spin of the vane, before it goes back to being fully functional.

Even better, it works well too. The mount is designed to provide low friction to the vane, providing highly sensitive and accurate readings.

Designed to be mounted at eye-level around the lower mast using elastic straps.

Product Review:
This product has been reviewed on APS' Blog, The Stern Scoop; take a look for more information.

CV001 C-Vane Wind Indicator - Laser & Opti Price: $35.00 CV003 C-Vane Replacement Wind Vane Price: $8.00
CV004 C-Vane Replacement Velcro Strap Price: $8.00 CV008 C-Vane Replacement Clip Price: $1.00

Class Legal Laser Sails by North Sails

Class Legal Laser Sails by North Sails Laser Class Legal Sails
Standard, Radial or 4.7

These are class legal Laser® Racing Sails, complete with class button and sailbag (battens are not included).

APS offers all Laser sailors who purchase a new sail FREE sail numbers (letter for the country code are not included). When ordering sail numbers, class rules specify that you use contrasting colors for the first two numbers and the final four sail numbers (i.e. - 123456 or 123456).

Use the part #'s SAILNUMPRE & SAILNUMDIG to specify the type of sail numbers you would like included, and be sure to fill in the necessary information for either choice when adding it to your order.

We can also install your sail numbers for an additional cost. This will add 1-2 business days to your order process time. Just add the part#: SAILNUMBERS below, and be sure to specify the color and numbers that you need!

LP94107 NORTH Standard Laser® Sail Price: $565.00 LP94108 NORTH Radial Laser Sail - Mark VI Price: $525.00
LP94109 NORTH 4.7 Laser Sail Price: $472.00 SAILNUMBERS Install Sail #'s - Both Sides Of One Sail Price: $10.00
SAILNUMDIG Include Digital 8 Sail Numbers Price: $0.00 SAILNUMPRE Include Precut (European) Sail Numbers Price: $0.00

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