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Gifts for the Optimist Sailor

Gifts for the Optimist Sailor

This is where it all starts for the vast majority of junior sailors -- the Optimist. The future collegiate All-Americans, Olympians and Volvo Ocean Race skippers of the world will probably start in this little eight foot boat. And while it's design and sail area don't immediate strike most as all that impressive, the number of junior sailors that sail the Opti and the quality of the racing most certainly is.

We've assembled a number of items in this section that are great gifts for any Optimist sailor. If you have a more specific Opti gift in mind or don't see what you're looking for, click that left mouse button here and you'll be whisked away to our full Opti section. Of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

APS Blade Bags

APS Blade Bags Simply the best blade bags available for protecting your Opti Blades. Plenty of extra compartments for storing accessories and smaller parts.

APS Pro Opti Blade Bag
  • Fabric: Our Pro bag is made of “bullet proof” Top Gun Polyester. Fully Padded with high density Volara foam (the high end quality foam found in life jackets).
  • Closures: has a full Velcro entry top with separate compartments for your rudder (with tiller attached) and daggerboard.
  • Other: Huge, mesh, side-bellow pocket with Velcro opening . Inside this pocket is a second smaller flat Velcro opening pocket for smaller items. Wide removable and adjustable shoulder strap and carry handles. APS decal with space for your name and sail number.
APS Club Blade Bag
Gray with Black trim
  • Fabric: High denier coated nylon and polyester. Padded throughout.
  • Closures: Side zipper entry separates compartments for daggerboard and rudder/tiller. External Velcro entry storage pocket.
  • Other: Carry handle and shoulder straps. APS decal with space for your name and sail number.

APSC417 APS Opti Pro Blade Bag Price: $159.95 APSC418 APS Opti Club Blade Bag Price: $69.95

APS Club Optimist Sails

APS Club Optimist Sails APS Club Sails
Available in Traditional Tie to Spar or Sleeve Over Spar Trainer

Designed to withstand the day to day use of a club boat. Made of 3.8oz cloth in a cross-cut design. Includes a long sail bag, class insignia, installed tell tails and a window. Available in two versions. The traditional Tie to Spar version is pictured to the right. Or forget those annoying sail ties and make rigging easier by using our sleeve over spar trainer sail.

FREE digital "8s" sail numbers. Just add the part number below.

APSC405 APS Club Opti Sail Price: $94.95 APSC406 APS Sleeved Opti Sail Price: $99.95
SAILNUMBERS Install Sail #'s - Both Sides Of One Sail Price: $10.00 SAILNUMDIG Include Digital 8 Sail Numbers Price: $0.00

RYA Optimist Handbook

RYA Optimist Handbook RYA Optimist Handbook
By: Alan Williams
271 Pages

The Optimist has become one of the best known and biggest classes of sailboats in the world with over 150,000 are registered and sailed in more than 110 countries. This book aims to unlock many of the go-fast secrets of the boat and bring any reader to the next level.

Chapters include choosing and setting up the boat and rig; basic and advanced sailing; mark rounding, and clothing. Lots of highly informative top tips also from well known sailors and coaches. The author has worked as an Optimist coach at both national and international level.

This book is packed with photographs and illustrations to reinforce topics and is written is a manner that is easy to understand for any youngster (while still passing on tons of useful knowledge). A must have resource for any Opti sailor!

RYA002 RYA Optimist Handbook Price: $44.95

Opti Model

Opti Model Authentic Optimist Sailboat Model
1:12 Scale Model

Meticulous in every detail, these scaled Opti models are crafted to class specifications for true authenticity. The hull, blades and other parts are made with high-impact injection-molded polymer parts that are ready for painting for customization. The pre-cut dacron sails can be personalized with any sail number to give the model a personal touch.

Kits include running and standing rigging, a suitable-for-framing poster with starboard profile & deck plan. The highest standards of quality and authenticity put Classail models in a class by themselves.

CLOPTI Optimist Model Price: $44.95

Optiparts Branded Gear

Optiparts Branded Gear Optiparts Gear Bag
27" x 14" x 12"

This gear bag is specifically designed for the dinghy sailor. It features five sections, including a large wet and dry expandable compartment with heavy-duty no rust zippers; the wet compartment folds away when not in use. There are two-zipped 4-inch full end pockets (one of which has netting for the storage of wet items) and a third, smaller pocket has a Velcro closure and is the place for securing smaller items (wallet, keys, phone, passport, etc.). The bag has a detachable, adjustable strap in addition to two permanent nylon cloth handles that Velcro together and one of the side panels has a clear nametag pocket for your identification.

Optiparts Hat & Belt
One Size Fits Most

Each of these items lets your Opti sailor wear their passion for Opti sailing whenever they want. The Optiparts hat has a six panel design with an adjustable back for sizing. The belt is made with high strength, high quality webbing and has a metal buckle in the middle for cinching.

EX2570 Optiparts Gear Bag Price: $78.75 EX2580 Optiparts Embroidered Hat Price: $6.25
EX2585 Optiparts Logo Belt Price: $7.00

Advanced Optimist Boat Handling DVD

Advanced Optimist Boat Handling DVD Advanced Optimist Boat Handling
DVD Video

World class coaches Alejandro Sole and Bocha Pollitzer have a super way of communicating that grabs the sailors' attention and makes top level techniques understandable.

A unique "on-board" camera and remote camera are put to good use filming some of the hottest Opti sailors in the world. Topics such as tacks, jibes, 720's, double tacks, mark roundings and on-the-water sprit-vang adjustments are all covered. Topics are covered in relation to different wind conditions and sea states, utilizing a number of different camera angles to provide a full understanding of the concepts being discussed. A truly outstanding resource for any Optimist sailor looking to take a step to the next level of racing.

Please Note: DVD's & CD's may not be returned once purchased.

APS Padded Opti Blade Bag

APS Padded Opti Blade Bag

View larger

APS Optimist Blade Bag, Mk2
Available in:
Black Gray Navy Blue
Purple Red Royal Blue

We custom designed and built our Optimist Blade Bags to be “bulletproof”. This generously padded bag provides the highest level of protection for your Opti sailors blades and it fully unzips along the top for easily inserting or removing the blades. The interior compartments are separated for the daggerboard and rudder; the rudder compartment is designed for the the tiller and extension to remain attached.

A large mesh side pocket has a secure Velcro opening and allows wet lines and gear to breathe and dry out. A wide shoulder strap spreads the load of the blades and makes it easier to carry; also has sturdy carry handles for lifting in and out of the car or boat.

MST1 APS Optimist Blade Bag, Mk2 Price: $114.28

Optimist On-Deck Gear Bag

Optimist On-Deck Gear Bag

View larger

Optimist On-Deck Gear Bag
Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 8"

This gear bag is made of a durable sail cloth for a sporty but functional look. It is designed to fit perfectly between the two front flotation bags just below the mast step at a size of approximately 8" x 8" x 8".

Featuring two front pockets, the first is hold a water bottle perfectly while the other is functional for sailing instructions or notes. There is a main compartment that will easily accomodate a spray top and other smaller items.

The bag connects to the bulkhead via a pre-drilled PVC track -- simply slide the gear bag's integral bolt rope into the track and it's firmly attached. Mounting hardware and instalation instructions are included.

Ronstan Clear Start Watch

Ronstan Clear Start Watch The Ronstan Clear Start Race Timer is a specialist sailing timer with numerous race specific functions, such as:

  • Countdown repeat option
  • Countdown and up to show elapsed time for handicap races
  • 5,4,1,0 ISAF start sequence with audible warning signals (can be silenced)
  • 5 minute, 3 minute and multiples of 1 minute programs as well
  • “Sync" button for instant synchronization if a gun is missed
  • Shock Resistant Construction
  • Easy-hit oversize controls, including prominent red start/stop button
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Spar/hull mounting options
  • Elasticated strap for wrist or over sleeve wearing
  • Chronograph/stop watch function

    Overall Diameter 2-9/16" (65mm)
    Display Size 1-1/2" x 3/4" (38mm x 20mm)
    Digit Height 5/8" (16mm)
    Water Resistance 150ft (50m)
    Weight 2.3oz (65g)

  • Opti Keychains

    Opti Keychains Flexible rubber keychains in your choice of three vibrant colors; Blue, Green, or Red. Show your class spirit!

    EX1475 Opti Key Ring - Blue Price: $5.45 EX1476 Opti Key Ring - Green Price: $5.45
    EX1477 Opti Key Ring - Red Price: $5.45

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