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APS Recreational Sail with Window

APS Recreational Sail with Window APS Recreational Sunfish Sail w/ Window
White, Red/White or Blue/White
NOT Class Legal

We worked with sailors and sailmakers to develop our new Sunfish sails. Provide a durable option for local racing and training. Our recreational sails are for those looking to add color to their Sunfish sailing. They are made of 3.8 oz. Dacron and includes a drawstring bag.

APSC2101 APS Sunfish Recreational Sail Price: $179.95 LP95880 Sail Rings (Pkg 30) Price: $20.00
SF001 Recreational Sail Rings 1 1/2" (30pk) Price: $22.80

The Sunfish Bible

The Sunfish Bible The Sunfish Bible
By Multiple Authors
365 Pages

Now back in print. Contains just about everything important written to date about the Sunfish. Includes Will Whites' The Sunfish Book, Larry Lewis's Sail It Flat, Derrick Fries' Successful Sunfish Racing, and a collection of articles from SAIL magazine, Sailing World and its predecessors. Also included is "Kristi and the Fish Sun" from Gary Jobson's book, World Class Sailing.

RHOMP Book: The Sunfish Bible Price: $29.95

FRP Sunfish Rudder by Laser Performance

FRP Sunfish Rudder by Laser Performance FRP Sunfish Rudder

After final testing at the 2005 World Championships, the long-awaited Fiberglass Rudder Blade for the Sunfish is now available. The design profile is the same as the wood model, with great surface finish and shape. The fiberglass blade also provides excellent durability. All future Sunfish Worlds boats and Sunfist Pro boats will be equipped from the factory with the FRP rudder blade, but you can also get it as an after market item.

LP85122 Rudder Blade Only, FRP Price: $290.00 LP85158 Rudder Assembly Complete, FRP Price: $355.00

C-Vane Wind Indicator

C-Vane Wind Indicator C-Vane Wind Indicator

Finally a vang that won't get caught when those close calls occur. When that pesky windward boat crossing in front of you, the C-Vane will simply shed the competitions wind vane without causing damage, simply a spin of the vane, before it goes back to being fully functional.

Even better, it works well too. The mount is designed to provide low friction to the vane, providing highly sensitive and accurate readings.

Designed to be mounted at eye-level around the lower mast using elastic straps.

CV003 C-Vane Replacement Wind Vane Price: $8.00 CV005 C-Vane Wind Indicator - Sunfish Price: $35.00
CV007 C-Vane Replacement Velcro Strap Price: $8.00 CV008 C-Vane Replacement Clip Price: $1.00

Sunfish Tune-A-Fish Kit

Sunfish Tune-A-Fish Kit Tune-A-Fish Kit

Get your Sunfish back in sailing shape for the season. The perfect beginning to getting your Sunfish back on the water.

The kit comes in a reusable cooler with the Sunfish logo and contains the following items:
- Mainsheet
- Halyard - Outhauls
Set of Sail Clips
- Tiller Extension Universal
- Hiking Strap
- Rigging Guide
- Parts List

LP83037 Tune-a-fish Kit Price: $155.00

Sunfish Model by Classail Models International

Sunfish Model by Classail Models International Sunfish Model

Meticulous in every detail, authentically scaled Classail Sunfish models are crafted to class specifications, with photo-illustrated, step-by-step assembly instructions. High-impact injection-molded polymer parts are ready for painting. Pre-cut dacron sails can be personalized with any sail number.

Kit includes running and standing rigging, a suitable-for-framing poster with starboard profile & deck plan. The highest standards of quality and authenticity put Classail models in a class by themselves.

CLSUNFISH Sunfish Model Price: $45.95

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