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APS Annual February Rigging Sale

APS Annual February Rigging Sale

In case you missed out the first time around, we're doing it again with the February Rigging & Cordage Sale!

If you spent all of January debating whether that rigging needs to be repaired and you kept putting it off, we're giving you a second chance! If some of the halyards, sheets, shrouds or lifelines on your boat have started to look a little tired or haggard, this is the perfect opportunity to get them replaced! With discounts up to 15% off normal retail prices (by far our second best deal of the year), it's a practical time to get new rigging. So, here it is:

Take 15% Off All Rigging Labor Charges:
That's right -- a full 15% off all of our rigging services like eye splices, end whips, and swaging. Even custom hourly rigging charges are being slashed. Check out all of your rigging options click here. Our rigging staff gets pampered all year, so it's time to make them work twice as hard to stay as sharp as their marlin spikes!

All custom (not pre-spec'd) rigging orders must be called in to one of our customer service representatives. We do this to ensure that our rigging staff fully understand your needs and craft the proper solution for you. Call us at 800/729.9767 to discuss your needs so we can quickly and accurately fulfill your rigging order.

Take 10% Off All Cordage and Wire:
From super strong 12-strands like Amsteel Blue and Vectrus 12 to workhorse Polyester lines like New England's Sta Set, all of our line is 10% off. This discount applies to wire too -- 1x19 and 7x19. Sale Rack cordage is NOT included in this sale -- that's already limbo stick priced (as low as we can go)! Just scroll down to shop all of our cordage options or click here to visit our wire section.

Take 10% Off Any Pre-Spec'd Rigging in our One-Design Sections:
All of the pre-spec'd rigging in our One Design Section is on sale -- from our Farr 30 Main Halyard to our J/22 Topping Lift, everything is eligible for a full 10% off the normal retail price. There are some exceptions: pre-spec'd spinnaker poles, Melges 24 Padded Lifeline Kits and Melges 32 Padded Lifeline Kits are NOT included in this sale.

Fine Print and Additional Details:
This promotion begins at midnight on February 1st, 2015 and ends at the stroke of midnight on February 28th, 2015. All discounts will be automatically applied before your order is shipped -- the discount will not be reflected on your invoice at the time of checkout. An updated invoice with all discounts will be included with your order.

All rigging is made on a first come - first served basis and our Customer Service team will provide you with a day-definite shipping date for your order at your time of purchase.

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