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J/80 Jib Lead System

J/80 Jib Lead System Jib Lead System

Made up of Race T-Track and is available in different arrangements. The track is available in silver or black. Stock is silver. The Cars and blocks are available in the stock car with block or as a separate arrangement of car and block.

Part Number Description Use
SC4064C (Silver)
SC4064 (Black)
1' Wide Race T-Track - 4" Spacing Track
SC50482 Stand Up Block on Cars for 1" T Track Block on Car
SC7435 (Black)
SC7435G (Silver)
1" End Stop End Stop
SC1759 Slider Car for 1" T-Track (Does not include block) Allows for the Block System Below
H2600, H071, HSB2 57mm Carbo Block with Spring Cup and Spring Block for Slider Car Above

H071 Stand Up-Spring Price: $1.01 H2600 57mm Carbo Single Price: $40.30
HSB2 Spring Cup for H071 Spring Price: $1.00 SC4064 1 Race T-Track 4' Black Price: $71.56
SC4064C 1 Race T-Track 4' Silver Price: $71.56 SC50482 2 Stand-Up Block on Slide, Suits 1 T-Track Price: $117.88
SC7435 1 Track End Stop - Black Price: $5.04 SC7435G 1 Track End Stop - Silver Price: $5.04

J/80 Deck Bullseyes

J/80 Deck Bullseyes Bullseyes are used with Tack line and Spinnaker Halyard

Ronstan Bullseyes (sometimes called Deadeyes) provide a simple, low cost means of containing, re-directing, or correcting the direction of lines. They are manufactured from Nylon and have abrasion resistant stainless steel liners. Work great with high-tech lines.

RF59 Bullseye w/SSLiner 9/16 Price: $6.33

J/80 Deck Cam Cleats

J/80 Deck Cam Cleats The 150 Cam Cleat is made of aluminum that dissipates heat better than any plastic - that is why the tough hardkote anodized aluminum pawls and base of the Cam Cleat is specifically designed for use in high-load, high-wear applications.

Uses Include:

Description Number
Jib Halyard 1
Furling Line 1
Spinnaker Halyard 2
Spinnaker Pole Outhaul 1

H150 Cam-Matic Aluminum Cam Cleat, Standard Price: $31.99

J/80 Lance Cleats for Spinnaker Halyard

J/80 Lance Cleats for Spinnaker Halyard A unique design utilizing the cam cleat principle. Uses a single rugged aluminum cam mounted vertically in a black-molded, reinforced stainless steel frame. Just slide the rope sideways, and it runs freely in the fairlead and along the carbon roller. Available for either port or starboard applications.

Mast mounting below the spinnaker halyard exit allows you to hoist from the mast and cleat it off temporarily. Mounting it just off center of where the spinnaker halyard leads down the side of the mast allows the halyard to uncleat its self when it is later tensioned and cleated off from the cockpit.

R3607 5-10mm Lance (cleats to Port) Price: $65.82 R3608 5-10mm Lance (Cleats to Stbd) Price: $65.82

J/80 Tack Line Clutch Upgrade

J/80 Tack Line Clutch Upgrade

Spinnaker tack lines can become so highly loaded that releasing them at a critical moment can be difficult.
Replace your cam cleat on the starboard cabin side with an easy to operate Spinlock XAS clutch. When its time to “blow” the tack line, just pull the leaver and it’s done immediately. Spinlocks side mount kit makes mounting a breeze.

SPXAS04081 XAS Clutch, 5/32 - 5/16: Single Price: $97.19 SPXASSMNT XAS Clutch Side Mount Conversi Price: $60.70

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