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North U Performance Racing Tactics

North U Performance Racing Tactics

Book: The Performance Racing Tactics book takes you all the way around the course. The sixth edition covers tactics, rules, weather, and strategy in 200 information-packed pages. The fast moving, easy to follow format is accessible to all readers. Rules are covered the way you use them - (ie upwind rules as part of upwind tactics). The content offers complete information for neophytes and insights which grab the attention of the saltiest dog. Quizzes and skill building sections show how to develop a race winning approach.

Includes chapters by Peter Isler on Match Racing and from Ockam U on Performance Tactics.

An essential part of any racing sailors library.

CD: The Tactics CD offers the complete Tactics seminar curriculum for home study.

The CD covers starting, upwind, and downwind topics, including strategy, tactics, and rules using animations, graphics, photos, photo sequences, video, and the interactive wind shift simulators. Additional topics include Mark Rouding, Finishing and Distance Racing Tactics. The CD features a voice over by the author, Bill Gladstone.

A "must have" for any racing sailor....

Windows and Mac compatible

Product Review:
This product has been reviewed on APS' Blog, The Stern Scoop; take a look for more information.

NU001 CD ROM: P.R. Tactics Price: $40.00 NU004 Book: P.R. Tactics Price: $25.00

North U Performance Racing Trim

North U Performance Racing Trim

Book: To win races you have to sail fast. Performance Racing Trim shows you how. The North U Trim book treats boat speed and boat handling topics in the same accessible style as North U Tactics. The TRIM book gives complete coverage to upwind and downwind sail trim and boat handling, including mainsail and genoa trim, helming and the trim and handling of both conventional and asymmetric spinnakers. Learn how angle of attack, depth and twist effect performance. See how changes in pole position change spinnaker shape. Understand your options for spinnaker takedowns. Special sections on Trim Solutions solve the most baffling performance problems, while the boat handling skills and drills show you how to turn your crew into a team. Packed with illustrations, written to be read, the Trim book will teach you techniques you can use in your next race.

CD: The North U TRIM CD puts performance in motion, and shows how changes in trim change the sailing performance of your boat. Use the inter-active "Sail Shaper" to see how different sail controls change sail shapes. Understand how to adjust angle of attack, depth and twist to match different sailing conditions. Detailed trim guidelines are provided for mainsail, jib, genoa, spinnaker, and asymmetric spinnaker trim.

0In addition to sail trim, the CD covers boathandling topics, and shows the most up to date techniques for spinnaker sets, jibes and douses, for both conventional and asymmetric spinnakers. Through video, animated graphics and 100s of photographs, the TRIM CD covers the full range of trim and boat handling topics.

The CD also includes a voice over by the author, Bill Gladstone, turning the CD into a complete home study TRIM seminar.

Windows and Mac compatible.

Product Review:
This product has been reviewed on APS' Blog, The Stern Scoop; take a look for more information.

NU002 CD ROM: P.R. Trim Price: $40.00 NU003 Book: P.R. Trim Price: $25.00

North U Weather For Sailors

North U Weather For Sailors

Weather For Sailors Workbook Written by Bill Biewenga and edited by the meteorologists at Commanders' Weather, is the Weather For Sailors workbook. The workbook explains weather from a sailor's perspective, starting with global weather and narrowing in to explain how local forces and global weather patterns interact to create the sailor’s weather. From there the workbook shows how to interpret forecasts and apply predictions to improve your sailing performance. Included are dozens of examples showing how to see if a forecast is “coming true” and how to apply a forecast to a particular race or cruise.

Weather For Sailors CD-Rom Weather is dynamic, and the Weather For Sailors CD-Rom puts weather in motion. You’ll see how global, regional, and local weather phenomena interact to create the local sailing wind. You’ll understand how and why an approaching front will shift local winds, and what to expect as it passes. You’ll see how weather differs in different positions around a system. You’ll watch as regional gradient weather battles local events for control of surface winds. You’ll marvel at how you can see into the future (that’s a forecast!) when you understand the dynamics of weather in three dimensions! It’s all there on the Weather For Sailors CD-rom, plus a voice over. If you can’t attend the Weather For Sailors Seminar, it’s the next best thing.

Product Review:
This product has been reviewed on APS' Blog, The Stern Scoop; take a look for more information.

NU005 Book: Weather Price: $25.00 NU006 CD ROM: Weather (Only PC Compatible) Price: $40.00

North U Match Racing Book on CD-ROM

North U Match Racing Book on CD-ROM Match Racing Book on CD: 3rd Edition

Brought to you by North U, this 3rd edition features modern match racing tactics and techniques now with video. It's a 170 page PDF on CD. Features 29 video clips of actual race footage. Please note: videos do not contain audio.

Written by world-renowned match racing tactician John Cutler and internationally -acclaimed match racing umpire Henry Menin. The latest and most complete descriptions of the techniques and tactics. Unlike other explanations, the PDF contains commentary from both the tactician and umpire's perspective.

3rd edition reflects the current rules and latest trends.

NU007 Book on CD - Match Racing 3rd ed. Price: $40.00

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