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Johnson Calibrated Quick Release Lever

Johnson Calibrated Quick Release Lever

Developed for dry sailed one-design dinghies. When the quick release pin is pulled, easy adjustment and unrigging can be accomplished. Stainless steel construction.

Part # Wire Terminal Size Chain Plate Pin Max Wire Size Pin to Pin
in mm in mm in mm in mm
JH15212 3/16 5 1/4 6 1/8 3 1-3/4 - 3-5/8 45-92

JH15212 Quick Release Lever Calibrated Price: $33.53

Johnson Quick Release Levers

Johnson Quick Release Levers

The Johnson Hyfield type lever has a number of very practical features. The fitting is rugged, having an ultimate strength of 3500lbs (recommended working load not to exceed 40 percent of strength). A positive stop is provided to prevent jamming fingers between fitting and wire when thrown open under load and the large surface area of the push pad makes it easier to close the lever under load. Lever take-up is 2-1/8 inch to an over center position and comes with a quick release pin for positive locking. This is an essential piece of hardware on Catamaran shrouds to allow the crew to right the boat after a capsize, without it, another boat or extraordinary effort is required. Trailerable boats up to 26 feet find that a lever on the forestay greatly facilitates stepping and unstepping the mast. Stainless steel construction.

Part # Extender # of Holes Wire Size Pin Dia. Adjustment QR Throw Pin to Pin
in mm in mm in mm in mm in mm
JH14205 3 To 1/8 3 1/4 6 1 25 2-1/4 57 8-3/8 max - 7-3/8 min 213-187
JH14206 4 To 5/32 4 1/4 6 1-1/2 38 2-1/4 57 8-3/8 max - 6-7/8 min 213-175

JH14205 Quick Release Lever 1/8 Price: $68.18 JH14206 Quick Release Lever 5/32 Price: $72.00

RWO Jib Halyard Lever

RWO Jib Halyard Lever With the RWO jib halyard lever the throw is adjustable between 2 and 3-1/2 inches by means of a single clevis pin. The long handle gives a powerful lever action with up to 7 adjustments per throw. 8 inches long when closed. 3/16 inch pin.

R4470 Jib Halyard Lever Price: $60.86

RWO In-Line Levers

RWO In-Line Levers

These RWO shroud levers help you improve downwind performance by allowing the mast to lean forward and permitting the boom to be squared off. Another use of these levers is to instantly slacken the tension in standing rigging. Two models are available, both having an easy-to-grip handle and adjustable throw. Strong enough for boats up to 18 feet in length and can be safely used in winds up to 20 knots.
Part # Pin Dia. Qty. Adjustment Settings Adjustment Length Length Weight
in mm in mm in mm in mm oz g
R4540 3/16 5 1/8 x 5/16 3 x 8 15/16 - 2-1/8 24-54 8 200 4.25 120
R4550 3/16 5 9/32 x 5/16 7 x 8 15/16 - 2-1/8 24-54 10 250 6 170

R4540 In Line Shroud Lever Price: $98.89 R4550 In Line Shroud Lever Price: $114.77

Holt Allen Highfield Levers

Holt Allen Highfield Levers Can be mounted on flat surfaces or on the back of most dinghy masts using the sail track clamp plate and screws (included). Popular for jib halyards. HA4160 has a 2-3/4 inch throw. HA4260 is a 6-position ratchet version with a 3 inch throw. Stainless steel construction.

HA4160 Highfield Lever Fixed Axle Price: $49.46 HA4260 Highfield Ratchet Lever Price: $96.84

SeaSure Highfield Lever

SeaSure Highfield Lever Stainless steel construction. 2 inches throw with five adjustment holes. A robust lever. The long handle allows easy adjustment even under considerable loads.

SS2540 Highfield Lever Price: $70.69

SeaSure Stay Adjuster Type Turnbuckle

SeaSure Stay Adjuster Type Turnbuckle Tensioning turnbuckle. Fabricated from 316 stainless steel this well tested reliable design is tough and strong. Closed length=73mm, Open length=146mm

SS2720 Stay Adj Lever Type Turnbuckle Price: $84.85

RWO Mast Groove Clamp

RWO Mast Groove Clamp The R4490 is 2-5/8 inches long and has a plate and two pins that can be fit into a mast groove and then attached to a lever (such as the R4470 - sold separately) and clamped in place. 3/16 inch pins. Stainless steel construction.

R4490 Mast Slide for Halyard Highfied Lever Price: $9.26

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