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J/24 Lopez Block Kit

J/24 Lopez Block Kit The Carbo Ratchamatic is a load-sensing ratchet block that rolls freely in both directions under low loads, and automatically engages the ratchet as loads increase. When changing gears, the over-center shifting between ratchet and light air modes is crisp and seamless. Unloaded jib sheets run out like greased lightning during mark roundings.

And how about this terrific feature? With the simple twist of an Allen wrench you can adjust ratchet engagement to a higher or lower load to suit your own muscle power or sailing style. Mount these directly to your genoa lead cars.

For a complete set up for both sides

- 2 H2627 57mm Ratchet blocks
- 2 H1603 Stand up Spring
- 2 OBM078 Lopez Block Spring Disk
- 2 SC1759 Schaefer Jib Car for 1" track

H2627 57mm Carbo Ratchamatic Single, 150 Cam-Matic Price: $166.54 OBM0078 Lopez Jib Sheet Block Spring Disk Price: $36.00
SC1759 Eye Slide Car for 1 T-Track, Lined, Spring Pinstop Price: $73.28

J/24 Replacement Hatch by Lewmar

J/24 Replacement Hatch by Lewmar This is a Lewmar Ocean Series Hatch, from their most robust line of hatches. Has a welded aluminum lid and base frame. The Acrylic window thickness is a hefty 1/2". Cut out is 19-3/4" x 19-3/4".

LW39660050 Ocean Hatch: Size 60, Flat Base Price: $799.94

J/24 Rub Strakes

J/24 Rub Strakes Protect your gel coat against unwanted damage. These stainless strips can be mounted on any surface to keep lines from wearing into your gel coat. Available in two different lengths, 8" or 12".

SED0554081 Rub Strake 8 Stainless (1) Price: $7.25 SED0554121 Rub Strake 12 Stainless (1) Price: $8.75

J/24 Tweaker Snatch Blocks

J/24 Tweaker Snatch Blocks Holt Allen makes these very unique racing snatch blocks. Excellent for spinnaker twings. Lightweight - 1 ounce. Conveniently snap around your spin sheet. Acetal resin ball bearing sheaves with fiberglass filled nylon cheeks and grade 316 stainless steel axles.

Part # Description Sheave Dia. Length Max Line Dia. Breaking Load Max Dynamic Load Weight
mm in mm in mm in kg lb kg lb g oz
HA4475 Dynamic Snatch Block 30 1 3/16 53 2 3/32 6 1/4 850 1873 140 308 28 0.98

HA4475 30mm Dynamic Snatch Block Price: $46.82

J/24 U-Shapped Bow Cleat

J/24 U-Shapped Bow Cleat Replace your cleat with a "U" cleat that won't snag lines like a horn cleat. We all know horn cleats snag lines. The “U” cleat sheds them and makes for hassle free deck work. To install, it is through bolted onto the foredeck.

HSJ24UBC J 24 U-Shaped Bow Cleat Price: $63.75

Viking Inspection Ports and Bags

Viking Inspection Ports and Bags Installed on the companion slide to allow the strap to travel straight up and out.

Threaded screw in lids with rubber O-rings to seal out water. The Viking Port's unique design integrates the O-Ring into the rim, making it nearly impossible for the O-Ring to fall out.

Description Nominal Diameter Cutout Diameter Fasteners
in mm in mm Type # Needed
4" Diameter 4 102 4-1/2 114 #8, F.H. 6

* F.H. = Flat Head Fastener

VK1170 4" Inspection Port, White Price: $8.13 VK1170WCL 4" Inspection Port, White w/Clear Lid Price: $10.63
VKORING O Ring for Inspection Port Price: $0.62 - $0.85

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