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Thirsty-Mate Pump by Beckson

Thirsty-Mate Pump by Beckson
Thirsty-Mate Pump

When you are looking to empty your bilge before the race, forget about using that sponge and get yourself one of these Thirsty-Mate Pumps. This 24” hand pump moves a gallon of water with six strokes. Has a 2’ or 6' flexible hose.

BEC124PF Thirsty-Mate Hand Pump w/Two Foot Hose Price: $38.00 BEC124PF6 Thirsty-Mate Hand Pump w/Six Foot Hose Price: $50.50

Andersen Bailers - Complete

Andersen Bailers - Complete

Andersen has manufactured the automatic bailer since 1964. Andersen automatic bailers are recognized by many dinghy sailors as effective and reliable means of automatic bailing. Andersen automatic bailers are made of stainless-steel, guaranteeing you many years of trouble free service.

The ingenious design of the Andersen bailer results in maximum suction capacity and makes them very easy to use. You simply open the windward bailer after tacking and close it again before the next track. The result is a dry dinghy. All Andersen automatic bailers are as close to being perfectly sealed as a bailer can be. Their robust design requires a minimum of maintenance.
Part # Description Installation Size Measurement Fitting Hole Size of Opening
in mm in mm in mm
RA554131 Super Mini Inside Mounting 2-3/8 x 4-1/8 60 x 105 1-9/16 x 3-11/32 40 x 85 25/64 10
RA435200 Super Mini Special Inside Mounting 2-3/8 x 4-1/8 60 x 105 1-9/16 x 3-11/32 40 x 85 25/64 10
RA554132 Super Medium Inside Mounting 2-5/8 x 5-5/16 67 x 135 1-11/16 x 4-11/32 43 x 110 9/16 14
RA554133 Super Max Inside Mounting 3-1/8 x 5-5/16 79 x 135 2-1/8 x 4-11/32 54 x 110 13/16 21
RA554130 Mini Outside Mounting 3-5/8 x 2-1/4 92 x 57 1-1/2 x 2-7/8 38 x 73 25/64 10
RA554136 New Large Outside Mounting 3-1/8 x 5-9/16 79 x 142 1-5/8 x 4-1/16 41 x 103 11/16 17

RA435200 Super Mini Special Auto Bailer Price: $195.00 RA554130 Mini Bailer Price: $89.00
RA554131 Super Mini Auto Bailer Price: $119.00 RA554132 Super Medium Auto Bailer Price: $139.00
RA554136 New Large Auto Bailer Price: $119.00

Andersen Bailer Replacement Parts

Andersen Bailer Replacement Parts

The Andersen Automatic Bailer is extremely rigid and will give you many years of trouble free sailing. However, should your bailer develop a leak or be damaged, new replacement parts are available. Service kits contain rubber gaskets and in some cases also includes the rivets for assembly. For specific bailer types, see the table below for what is included in the repair kit. Handle replacements and screen replacements are also available for certain bailers.

Description Handle Part Number Screen Part Number Service Kit
Size Mount Part Number Includes
Super Mini Inside RA574108 RA547093 or HKSMN RA574150 1 Internal 5mm Gasket 1 External 2mm Gasket 1 External 1mm Gasket 3 Rivets
Super Medium Inside RA574109 RA547094 or HKNM RA574151 1 Internal 5mm Gasket 1 External 2mm Gasket 1 External 1mm Gasket 6 Rivets
Super Max Inside RA574110 RA547095 RA574152 1 Internal 5mm Gasket 1 External 2mm Gasket 1 External 1mm Gasket 6 Rivets
New Large Outside - - RA574154 1 Internal 5mm Gasket
Mini Outside - - RA574153 1 Internal 5mm Gasket

HKNM Bailer Grid for Super Medium Price: $3.50 HKSMN Bailer Grid for Super Mini Price: $2.90
RA547093 Bailer Screen - Super Mini Price: $7.64 RA547094 Bailer Screen - Super Medium Price: $7.64
RA547095 Bailer Screen - Super Max Price: $7.64 RA574108 Bailer Handle - Super Mini Price: $10.00
RA574109 Bailer Handle - Super Med Price: $10.00 RA574110 Bailer Handle - Super Max Price: $10.00
RA574150 Service Kit - S. Mini Price: $49.00 RA574151 Service Kit - S. Med Price: $49.00
RA574152 Service Kit - S. Max Price: $49.00 RA574153 Service Kit - Mini Price: $19.00
RA574154 Service Kit - N. Large Price: $21.93

Super Suck Bailers from Sea Sure

Super Suck Bailers from Sea Sure Sea Sure Super Suck Bailer

A much lower minimum operating speed than conventional and extensively used wedge-type bailers. Also has pumping capacity and less drag. The result is a drier, lighter and faster boat. Should the bailers catch any weed, it is easily removed by simply closing and opening the bailer. Designed for hulls between 5mm (5/32") and 8mm (5/16") thick.

Installation instructions included.

Installation Size Measurement Fitting Hole
in mm in mm
Internal Fitting 2-3/8 x 4-2/16 60 x 105 1-9/16 x 3-11/32 40 x 85

SS1992 Super Suck Bailer - Internal Price: $215.04

Holt Allen Bailers

Holt Allen Bailers

Standard Bailer: These bailers with stainless steel guards are found on a wide variety of dinghies. We also sell replacement SHA4155 round ring washer seals for the plunger device and the SHA1551 5mm rubber mounting seal gasket for mounting the bailer to the hull. These are available as the HA4155 Repair Kit. Old HA4155 bailers usually only say "HA155" on them, but are the same bailer. Fasteners and instructions included.

Advanced Bailer: The advanced self bailers Delta shape has the advantage of reducing drag and turbulence. It offers superior performance under extremes of roll and yaw and at slow speeds.  We also sell a service kit for the advanced bailer which includes a replacement chute and seal.  Fasteners and instructions included.

Part # Description Installation Size Measurement Fitting Hole Install Notes
in mm in mm
HA4155 Self Bailer Internal Fitting 2-3/8 x 3-5/32 60 x 80 1-21/32 x 2-7/16 42 x 62 Same as the old HA155
HA4555 Advanced Self Bailer Internal Fitting NA NA NA NA Special Template included with Bailer package - Bailer is Delta-shaped

HA4155 Self Bailer Price: $91.40 HA4155KIT Bailer Repair Kit Price: $31.14
HA4555 Self Bailer - Advanced Price: $224.51 HA4555KIT Bailer Repair Kit Price: $81.65

IYE Super Shute Bailers

IYE Super Shute Bailers

The IYE Super Shute is a lightweight yet robust bailer which offers quick drainage with ease of operation. Fitted as standard by many leading production dinghy builders. Manufactured from tough salt-water resistant nylon and ABS plastic, each bailer is supplied boxed with stainless steel fasteners, a mounting hole template and comprehensive installation instructions.

Part # Installation Size Measurement Fitting Hole Install Notes
in mm in mm
PBSS60B Internal Flange Mount 4-7/16 x 2-9/16 112 x 65 3-5/8 x 1-13/16 92 x 65 Fits the Byte and Megabyte Sailboats
PBSS90B Internal Flange Mount 5-3/8 x 3 136 x 76 4-5/8 x 2-5/16 117 x 59 Fits the Laser2 Sailboat

PBSS60B Super Shute 60 Bailer Price: $95.88 PBSS60SK Service Kit for SS60 bailer Price: $48.23
PBSS90B Super Shute 90 bailer Price: $169.54 PBSS90SK Service Kit for SS90 bailer Price: $55.69

Hand Bailers

Hand Bailers Optiparts Hand Bailers
1.11 Gallon (Orange) or 1 Gallon Capacity (Red or Green)

Never leave shore on a dinghy without one. The EX1442 weighs 7.5oz (210g) with a shock cord retainer and large mouth for easy bailing

The EX1448 is lightweight and strong, with a wide base that is tapered for more capacity with each stroke. Curved bottom to follow the bailing motion. Triangular top to prevent catching under the gunwale. High handle with return to prevent slipping out of your hand. Reinforced wear areas, rounded front lip and stackable for transport. Weighs 9.17oz (260g).

EX1442 Hand Scoop Bailer 3.5 Liter Price: $11.80 EX1448 Pro Racer Orange Bailer Price: $15.25

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