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Melges 24 Shroud Adjustment System

Melges 24 Shroud Adjustment System

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Turnbuckle locking system is quicker and more reliable than standard lock-nuts (held in place by shock cord).

Closed Loop Locks: The HTS307 is used for an open body turnbuckle while the HTS601 is used for the Ronstan turnbuckles. The closed loop locks keep the shroud from spinning while the tension is being adjusted. Note: Long enough to avoid deflecting the diagonal shroud while fully tensioned.

H Clips: Let you throw away the lock-nuts and find room for more tension on heavy air days.

HTS302 Melges 24 H-Clips to Lock Turnbuckle Adjuster Nuts (2) Price: $60.00 HTS307 Melges 24/E-Scow Closed-Loop Locks/Open Body TB (2) Price: $95.00
HTS601 Melges 24 Closed-Loop Locks/Ronstan Turnbuckles (2) Price: $95.00

Melges 24 Shroud Third Hands

Melges 24 Shroud Third Hands Fit these onto your shrouds and say goodbye to your wrench. Third Hands hold the shroud stud stationary while you spin the turnbuckle for easy one handed rig adjustments. Measure your flats first if you have old turnbuckles.

OBM0041 Made for 1/4" stud flats found on the standard open body turnbuckles.
OBM0042 Made for 5/16" stud flats found on the Ronstan turnbuckles.

*We recommend anti-corrosive such as Tef-Gel or Lanocote to prevent corrosion between the plates and fasteners that are made of two different metals.

Please contact us at 800-729-9767 if you need help sizing your turnbuckles.

OBM0041 Shroud Third Hand Stud Lock - 1/4" (pr) Price: $85.00 OBM0042 Shroud Third Hand Stud Lock - 5/16" (pr) Price: $89.00

Melges 24 Shroud Turnbuckle Covers

Melges 24 Shroud Turnbuckle Covers Shroud Turnbuckle Covers by Hutchinson Sports prevent the damages that can occur when pulling sails and lines around the shroud. Protect your sheets and sails against possible damage. They cover all typical instigators of damage; rough metal edges, cotter pins and rings.

HTS303 Melges 24 Ronstan Turnbuckle Cover (2) Black Price: $45.00 HTS306 Melges 24 Open Body Turnbuckle Cover (2) Black Price: $45.00

Melges 24 Turnbuckle Wrench

Melges 24 Turnbuckle Wrench

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Designed for quick adjustment, has a multi-tool end for the jib head shackle, shroud, and jib halyard. The lever arm is sufficient for tightening the rig from the weather rail.

Also available in shortie style.

HTS304 Melges 24 Turnbuckle Wrench (1) Price: $60.00 HTS305 Melges 24 Shortie Turnbuckle Wrench (1) Price: $60.00

Sealoc Turnbuckle Handle Kit by Ronstan

Sealoc Turnbuckle Handle Kit by Ronstan

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Fits 5/16" threaded Ronstan Sealoc turnbuckles. Features a long rotation arm for maximum tensioning leverage and lift. Also features repositioning operation for ease of use or when rotation space is restricted. Arm snaps into snag-free lock down position when not in use. Weighs 2.6 ounces.

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