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DN Running Rigging

DN Running Rigging

We Custom Make Rigging When You Order It
If you would like to use a line type, diameter, length or configuration different than what we have listed below, give our Customer Service Department a call at (800)729.9767 and we’ll be happy to customize a solution for you.

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When Will Your Order Ship?
APS will contact you with within one business day with a day-definite shipping date for your rigging order. All rigging orders are processed on a first come, first served basis and our shipping dates are determined by the current volume of orders in our Rigging Department. Please be aware that at the peak of our season (May - August), rigging times may exceed three business days.

DN Mainsheet

DN Mainsheet
Diameter: 5/16"
Line Options:
New England Endura Braid High Performance Dyneema SK-75 core provides negligible stretch with a durable polyester cover
Samson Trophy Braid Club/Economy Performance Polyester core provides moderate stretch with some water absorption

Our DN Mainsheet is available in two options, tapered and non-tapered. Endura Braid is higher performance Dyneema cored line that provides negligible stretch. This option is tapered, where the cover is stripped 15' to save weight. Both ends are whipped for durability, core is secured to the cover preventing no-load movement. The Trophy Braid is more economical with a polyester core that provides moderate stretch. This option is available tapered or non-tapered with both ends whipped for durability.

DN200 DN Mainsheet Tapered 5/16 Endura Braid Price: $95.56 DN201 DN Mainsheet Maxibraid Plus 5/16" Price: $79.88
DN202 DN Mainsheet 5/16 Trophy Braid Price: $30.72

DN Mainsheet System

DN Mainsheet System

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DN Mainsheet System
Works with all Mainsheets Shown Above except DN202 Trophy Braid

Made of Harken Dinghy Pinstop system, it allows you to easily adjust your mainsheet blocks on the hull and easily remove the cars when rigging up or in the pits. Low profile cars in conjuction with new lightweight Harken T2 blocks or Karver blocks (shown in image) will help you get your boom as close to the deck as possible. The Karver block setup works great with Forstmann booms allowing the blocks to tuck way up in the boom.

You will need:
- 2 Harken Pinstop Cars (H45)
- 12" Pinstop Track (H45312)
and either
- 4 40mm Harken T2 Blocks or
- 4 Karver Composite Lightweight K Blocks

H2149 40mm T2 Single Price: $33.09 H450 Dinghy Jib Lead, Bail, Pinstop Price: $56.06
H45312 12 Dinghy Track 5/8 Price: $24.51 KB6 Composite K-Block 6mm (1/4) Dia. 45mm Price: $48.70 - $49.95

DN Halyard and Halyard Tail

DN Halyard and Halyard Tail

DN Halyard and Halyard Tail
Diameter: 1/8"
Line Options:
Samson AmSteel Blue High Performance Dyneema SK-75/Polypropylene single braid; minimal stretch with zero water absorption

Our halyards and tails are made two ways, with or without a brummel clip. The brummel or sister clip allows for the fast disconnect of the tail. Without the brummel we splice a luggage tag eye, no more taking off your gloves to tie a bowline. The tails are made with amsteel blue tapered into shockcord so that when storing the mast you can hook the shackle up and avoid it flopping in the breeze. Our DN Halyard tail is made of Amsteel Blue, which has an eye splice to luggage tag to the end loop in the wire halyard

Both halyards need to be crimp swaged onto the rig for complete installation. You will need a crimp hand swage tool, we recommend the SIT002.

DN220 DN Halyard with Shackle, Luggage Tag in Tail Price: $62.55 DN221 DN Halyard with Shackle And Brummel Hook Price: $57.70
DN222 Hoisting Tail for DN Halyard Price: $56.25 DN223 DN Halyard Tail With Brummel Hook Price: $60.16
SIT002 Oval Sleeve Tool: 1/16", 3/32" & 1/8" Wire Price: $33.88

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