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DN Deck Hardware

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DN Deck Hardware

Part Number Description Use
H307 38mm Wire Sheave Sheave for Main Halyard
H2660 75mm Carbo Single Mainsheet, One connects at gooseneck, one forward block of top of purchase
H2680 75mm Ratchamatic Alternative to the H2600
H2129 Eye-Strap Attachment point for blocks for wooden boom
H2670 75mm Carbo Ratchet Single Secures to tiller post, adjustment block
H009 Hexaratchet II Alternative to the H2670
H077 DN Adaptor Attaches mainsheet block to top of tiller post
H2600 57mm Carbo Single Aft block in top of purchase
H2149 40mm T2 Single (2) Bottom blocks of purchase
H450 Dinghy Lead, Bail, Pinstop Pinstop for Ti-Lite blocks
H45312 12 Dinghy Track 5/8 Track for leads/blocks that make up bottom blocks of purchase

H009 Hex. II+2 Single CW Price: $90.19 H071 Stand Up-Spring Price: $1.01
H077 DN Adapter (Spring w/ Swivel Mount) Price: $47.04 H2149 40mm T2 Single Price: $33.09
H2600 57mm Carbo Single Price: $40.30 H2660 75mm Carbo Single Price: $70.93
H2670 75mm Carbo Ratchet Single Price: $76.91 H307 38mm Wire Sheave Price: $33.04
H450 Dinghy Jib Lead, Bail, Pinstop Price: $56.06 H45312 12 Dinghy Track 5/8 Price: $24.51

DN Mainsheet System

DN Mainsheet System

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DN Mainsheet System
Works with all Mainsheets except DN202 Trophy Braid

Made using the Harken Dinghy Pinstop system, it allows you to easily adjust your mainsheet blocks on the hull and easily remove the cars when rigging up or in the pits. Low profile cars in conjuction with new lightweight Harken T2 blocks or Karver blocks (shown in image) will help you get your boom as close to the deck as possible. The Karver block setup works great with Forstmann booms allowing the blocks to tuck way up in the boom.

You will need:
- 2 Harken Pinstop Cars (H45)
- 12" Pinstop Track (H45312)
and either
- 4 40mm Harken T2 Blocks or
- 4 Karver Composite Lightweight K Blocks

H2149 40mm T2 Single Price: $33.09 H450 Dinghy Jib Lead, Bail, Pinstop Price: $56.06
H45312 12 Dinghy Track 5/8 Price: $24.51 KB6 Composite K-Block 6mm (1/4) Dia. 45mm Price: $48.70 - $49.95

DN Adaptor

DN Adaptor DN Adaptor
Spring with Swivel Mount

DN Adapter is a spring with a swivel mount that attaches your mainsheet block to your tiller post. It uses a H071 spring to prevent the block from hitting the tiller post. The attachment point is a shackle and pin. The shackle is a 3/16" pin and the pin is a 1/4" base pin.

H077 DN Adapter (Spring w/ Swivel Mount) Price: $47.04

DN Shroud and Forestay Adjusters: Carbon Masts

DN Shroud and Forestay Adjusters: Carbon Masts DN Shroud and Forestay Adjusters
Carbon Masts

For carbon masts Sta-Master adjusters are used for both the forestay and the shrouds. The forestay is a 1/8" Sta-Master, while the shroud is a 3/32" Sta-Master.

The Sta-Master allows you to easily repeat exact tension settings for your sailing situation with its unique readable measurements time after time. The Sta-Masters finely calibrated center traveler quickly locks for exact repeatable settings for each wind and water condition. Precision crafted from top quality stainless steel for long, trouble-free life.

SK332 3/32 Sta-Master STANDARD Price: $42.85 SK432 1/8 Sta-Master STANDARD Price: $51.65

DN 90 Degree Sta-Master Adapter

DN 90 Degree Sta-Master Adapter DN Sta Master Adaptor
Rotates 90 degrees

Adapter rotates forestay Sta-Master 90 degrees. By rotating the Sta-Master it greatly reduces wind resistance. Milled from a solid piece of grade 316 stainless steel. It connects to the bow tang with a 1/4" x 3/4" pin. Safe working load of 2,760lbs (1,252kg).

HNTOG03 Eye-Jaw Toggle 1/4" Pins Price: $17.61

DN Shroud and Forestay Adjusters: Wood or Aluminum Masts

DN Shroud and Forestay Adjusters: Wood or Aluminum Masts DN Shroud and Forestay Adjusters
Wood or Aluminum Masts

Wood and aluminum masts use Race Lite Adjusters for both the forestay and shrouds. We recommend using 1/4" pull ring push button quick pin for secure and easy attachment of the wire.

The Race Lite Adjuster is made of stainless steel and features 10 positions for adjustment. It is 7 inches long, and the holes are 1/4" in diameter and are at 1/2 inch increments.

AV4M075 Deluxe Quick Pin 1/4 x .75 Price: $20.70 RL245L Shroud Adjuster, 7 long Price: $11.69

DN Bob Stay Post and Socket

DN Bob Stay Post and Socket DN Bob Stay Post and Socket
Compatible with Sarns Bob Stay Post and Socket

For use with short bob stay cable, the bob stay post and socket are made from hand turned solid aluminum. Both are made to standard, class legal size and are compatible with Sarns bob stay post and socket.

DMS002 DN Bobstay Socket Price: $9.00

DN Inspection Port

DN Inspection Port DN Inspection Port

Made by Viking, these inspection ports have threaded screw in lids with rubber O-rings to seal out water. Its unique design integrates the O-Ring into the rum, making it nearly impossible for the O-Ring to fall out.

VK1049 3.5" Inspection Port, Black w/ Clear Lid Price: $7.78 VK1050 3.5" Inspection Port, White Price: $6.53
VK1051 3.5" Inspection Port, Black Price: $6.53

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