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Equiplite High Tech Soft Shackles Spool Shackles & Spectra Loops Trigger Release Shackles & Peeling Strops Snap, Trigger, J-Lock & Hi-Tech Shackles Shackles - Halyard, D, Bow,  Twist & Swivel Swivel Shackles - Plain and Ball Bearing
Equiplite High Tech Soft ShacklesSpool Shackles & Spectra LoopsTrigger Release Shackles & Peeling StropsSnap, Trigger, J-Lock & Hi-Tech ShacklesShackles - Halyard, D, Bow, Twist & SwivelSwivel Shackles - Plain and Ball Bearing
Fids -  Multi, Cone & Plug
Fids - Multi, Cone & Plug

Sailing Shackles, Fids and Fittings
There are many different sailing hardware items that fall in this category from many major names in the marine industry. We carry Tylaska, Ronstan, Wichard, Schaefer, RWO, RaceLite, Antal, Titanium and Harken. Typically made with stainless steel or titanium, Sailing Shackles come in many configurations including soft shackles, spool shackles, spectra loops, trigger release shackles, peeling strops, snap shackles, J-Lock Shackes for various applications for sheets and halyards.

Equiplite High-Tech Soft Shackles: Used in many applications soft shackles are made of Dyneema with a aluminum body to attach to sheets, halyards or anywhere else connections are needed. Available in many different configurations and styles.
Spool Shackles & Spectra Loops: Spool shackles make great replacements for traditional sailing shackles and they won’t jam and fasten easily to halyards and sheets. Spectra Loops are lighter and less abrasive on decks than traditional shackles. We carry Paraloc Dyneema, Kohlhoff Loops and Yale Loops.
Trigger Release Shackles & Peeling Strops: Made of stainless steel or titanium, they serve a wide range of purposes from peeling strops, afterguy pucks, asymmetrical tack rings to trigger release shackles. They all have one thing in common; they are trigger release for quick, easy and efficient release.
Snap, Trigger, J-Lock & Hi-Tech Shackles: Coming in many configurations, these sailing shackles are lightweight and high strength. They come in swivel shackles, J-lock shackles, snap shackles, press lock shackles and quick release shackles. They're easy to use and release.
Halyard, D, Bow, Twist & Swivel Shackles: The most multipurpose of sailing shackles come in many configurations. Halyard shackles help raise and lower sails. D shackles are attached through key pin, clevis pins or captive pin for dinghy halyards. Twist shackles are great for outhauls because it rotates 90deg. Swivel shackles work well on blocks or rigging that need to rotate.
Titanium Shackles, Eyes, Rings and Plates: Save weight versus stainless with titanium shackles. Available in many configurations and designed to save you weight aloft.
Swivel Shackles – Plain and Ball Bearing: Ideal for vangs, outhauls or furling systems swivel shackles are available in plain or ball bearing for lower friction and higher working loads.
Fids – Multi, Cone & Plug: Fids are used to easily release sailing snap shackles. Sailing Fids allow you to release a shackle without hurting your fingers. With a secure grip it releases swivel eyes, shackles or large bail snap shackles.

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