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First Sail

First Sail First Sail
By Richard Henderson
41 pages

This beautifully illustrated book teaches young sailors the basics. Through an educational adventure it teaches terminology, points of sail, safety equipment, basic piloting, knots and seamanship within a story of an inner city boy out sailing for the first time.

RHCMP286 Book: First Sail Price: $15.95

Sailing for Kids

Sailing for Kids Sailing for Kids
By Gary and Steve Kibble
48 Pages

Designed to get young sailors on the water, and understanding the principles of beginning sailing. Aimed at ages 8 - 15, it uses non-technical language to explain rigging, sailing and boat safety. Includes tips on sailing faster and preparing to race. Uses the Optimist to illustrate a boat in action.

RHSFK Book: Sailing for Kids Price: $13.95

Sailing is a Breeze: Learning to Sail a Laser, Sunfish or Other Small Boat

Sailing is a Breeze: Learning to Sail a Laser, Sunfish or Other Small Boat Sailing is a Breeze
By: Thomas Martin
182 Pages

Written for the individual who want to learn to sail a Laser, Sunfish, Optimist or other small boat. It is appropriate for use in a class setting (e.g. school or marina), summer camp setting or for personal instruction with a certified sailing instructor.

Once the basic knowledge and skills are obtained, the sailor will be able to enjoy sailing as a recreational activity. Further, "knowing how to sail" will open the door to other opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, and excitement. The sailor will be in a position to move on to a larger more sophisticated boat.

Sailing: A Beginner's Manual

Sailing: A Beginner's Manual Sailing: A Beginner's Manual
By John Driscoll
48 pages

Designed for the absolute beginner. Explains how a boat moves and parts of the boat. Goes over the basics of tacking and gybing, and general boat control. Great for a new comer to the sport that is looking for further explanations off the water. Discusses and illustrates every aspect of basic dinghy seamanship. 150 illustrations.

RHFER011 Book: Sailing - a Beginner's Manual Price: $12.95

Sailing: A Woman's Guide

Sailing: A Woman's Guide Sailing: A Woman's Guide
By Doris Colgate
160 pages

For women who want a calm, thorough introduction to sailing, Colgate offers the key. She'll teach you the skills and tricks of seasoned women sailors. Contrary to nautical myth, you need to be an on board gorilla or a 22-year-old. Mechanical advantage and woman-smart sailing skills will do the job.

The key to becoming confident, comfortable, and in control of your boat is learning how to handle the boat in every situation. Sailing: A Woman's Guide makes the elements of this exhilarating sport clear and comprehensible.

Start Sailing: The Basic Skills

Start Sailing: The Basic Skills Start Sailing: The Basics Skills
By Andy Smith and Tim Davidson
64 Pages

Step-by-step introduction to sailing. Starts with what to wear, boat parts and parts of sail. Make the transition from land drills to on the water with boat handling to successfully getting yourself around a course. Includes a bonus with capsize procedure, man overboard and beginning racing. Straight forward approach for the novice sailor. 120 color illustrations cover every learning evolution.

RHFER003 Book: Start Sailing Price: $7.95

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