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Racing Skipper

Racing Skipper Racing Skipper
By: Mike Golding
126 Pages

Move to the front of the fleet with Mike Golding's winning techniques. Focuses not only on the on-the-water tactics but preparation before a race. Starting with crews, leadership, training and motivation. It then moves into tuning tips, key maneuvers on the course, navigation, and of course, safety. It gives detailed description and pictures for how to make a boat move fast through crew work and communication.

RHFER076 Book: Racing Skipper Price: $21.95

Racing Crew, 2nd Edition

Racing Crew, 2nd Edition Racing Crew
By: Malcolm McKeag and Bill Edgerton
96 Pages

Improve your crewing skills, whether you're a newcomer to the sport, making the transitions from dinghies or just in need of some pointers. Be the most sought after crew after reading this helpful guide to safety, smartly, and quickly perform your job. Explains in concise language with a clear photo sequence everything from hardware to hoisting headsails to the all important spinnaker sets, trimming and gybing.

Helming to Win

Helming to Win Helming to Win
By: Ian Pinnell and Lawrie Smith
96 Pages

Helming To Win spotlights the techniques that will maximise your boatspeed. Two of the fastest sailors in the world explain how to tune the rig and set the sails.

They look at each point of sailing and explain how to make the boat go – in all windstrengths and in all sea conditions. The race itself is analysed, from starting techniques to picking the best end of the finish line. Helming To Win is right up to date with advice on twin–wiring and asymmetric spinnakers, and a final section highlights the important elements of putting together a campaign – time management, attitude, boat preparation and feel.

Crewing to Win

Crewing to Win Crewing to Win
By: Andy Hemmings
96 Pages

The crew of a racing yacht is as important as the helsman. Indeed, if you master the techniques in this book you should be able to take your pick of boats and helmsmen.

Winning begins in the mind, and Andy Hemmings first shows you how to set realistic goals and get your attitude right. He then demonstrates how to set up the boat so you can work it efficiently, and how to get it fit for the job. The bulk of the book covers the technical aspects of crewing, with each maneuver examined in detail and explained in words and photosequences. Finally Andy looks at the crew's responsibilities in a race and when sailing a series.

Yacht Skipper

Yacht Skipper Yacht Skipper
By: Robin Aisher
96 Pages

The name Robin Aisher is synonymous with yachting at the very highest level. In this book he outlines the organisational and sailing skills that have enabled him to win so many inshore and offshore races.

Yacht Skipper is packed with highly practical, detailed information based on the 'Yeoman method'. It describes how a good skipper chooses and organises a crew, and the techniques and helming skills needed on each point of sailing. Other topics covered are modern sailing aids, night sailing and offshore strategy.

RHFER076 Book: Racing Skipper Price: $21.95

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