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Laser® Epic Traveler by APS

 Laser® Epic Traveler by APS The EPIC traveler is the LAST traveler that you'll ever need. It's made of New England's Wire Rope Replacement which has both a Dyneema core and cover. A high tech splice in one end to create a 6 inch loop and a whip on the other for durability. This allows smooth tiller transitions without snagging. It truly is epic.

LASER131 Laser EPIC Traveler Price: $49.95

Laser® Pro Clew Inhauler by APS

Laser® Pro Clew Inhauler by APS

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Pro Crew Inhauler

You won't have to worry about your outhaul not easing at the windward mark using our Pro Crew Inhauler. The ultimate easy on/off clew inhauler solution is a length of shockcord with a stainless hook at each end. Simply luggage tag the middle of the shockcord through the boom cleat, cross the shock cord under the boom and hook onto the clew of the sail. The shock cord is secured using hog rings and then shrink wrapped to protect your boom from scratches.

- 5' of 3/16" shock cord
- 2 stainless steel hooks (R8420)

LASER110 Laser® Pro Clew Inhauler Price: $46.07

Laser® Pro Cunningham by APS

Laser® Pro Cunningham by APS

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Laser Pro Spliced Cunningham

We splice a Harken Micro Single to the end of Amsteel and then splice a loop just beyond it. Slide the loop over the bottom of your mast before you put it up. Pass the spliced eye through the grommet and luggage tag it around the Harken Micro with becket. The vang tang hold the loop in place and the setup keeps your cunningham out of the gooseneck and running smoothly.

- Amsteel
- H224 Micro Single
- H225 Micro with Becket

LASER120 Laser Pro Spliced Cunningham Price: $50.33

Laser® Pro Cunningham Control Handle by APS

Laser® Pro Cunningham Control Handle by APS

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Laser Pro Cunningham Control Handle
Green, Gray, Light Blue, Dark Blue or Red

Quit wasting time making your own handle each day with this easy to use control handle. Loop is triple brummeled for durability and an easy to grip rubber handle tops it all off. Made of 5/32" Swiftcord.

LASER125 Control Line With Handle For Laser 120 Cunningham Price: $21.96

Laser® Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Kit by APS

Laser® Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Kit by APS

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Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Kit

This class legal set up is the best way to control your daggerboard. Easy on/off attachment to the blade with an ultra lightweight snap shackle. Eliminates daggerboard creep with sailing upwind by applying maximum pressure vertically rather than horizontally like the traditional bow attachment. The lanyard between the shock cord and the shackle lies between the cleats on the cunningham/outhaul cleats when the board is down.

- 6' of 3/16" shock cord
- 4' of 1/8" Excel Racing
- Stainless steel snap shackle

APS Video
Check out our video for a more in depth look at this product's features. If you would like to view it please
Video Reviewclick here

LASER105 Laser® Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Kit Price: $36.87

Laser® Pro Outhaul Block Kits by APS

Laser® Pro Outhaul Block Kits by APS The ultimate in lightweight Laser control line systems. Choose from two options to suit your rigging.

Laser Pro Outhaul Block Kits
Single Berry

The Single Berry features a single Harken T18 block spliced to Dyneema with an eye in the other end. Simply wrap the line around the mast and past the block through the eye - easy to use whether the sail is up or down. It's a great solution for sailors who swap back and forth between a radial and full rig often and use an outhaul block tied to their boom cleat.

Combine two Single Berries for the same no knots, easy to install system with the traditional outhaul purchase.

Laser Pro Outhaul Block Kits
Double Berry

The Double Berry has the tradition two block setup with two Harken T18 and a spliced loop that slides down the spar before rigging.

LASER140 Laser® Pro Spliced Outhaul Single-Berry Price: $42.06 LASER141 Laser® Pro Spliced Outhaul Double-Berry Price: $59.31

Laser®Pro Spliced Traveler by APS

Laser®Pro Spliced Traveler by APS

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Laser Pro Spliced Traveler

Tired of having your tiller bump over the bowline in your traveler line every time you tack? We have the solution, the Laser Pro Spliced Traveler. Made of vectrus it has a long eye splice in teh tail end. Just place the eye in the center of the boat, pass the line through both fairleads, pluss it tight and tie and overhand knot through the eye. The Vectrus cleats the best out of our 12 stands, so it was the best choice.

Easy to use and install, it keeps the deck clean. Super lightweight and the best part is, it's not spliced by the loop at the cleat, making it class legal.

LASER130 Laser Pro Spliced Traveler Price: $30.16

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