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Laser Practice Sails

Laser Practice Sails Laser Practice Sails
Designed for Practice Only - Not Class Legal

Don't mess around with your good race sail when you're just going out to practice some roll tacks or enjoy a quick sail. The Laser® training sails are made of an extra heavy 4.5 oz white Dacron sailcloth that provides a more durable sail for the extra beating that practice can provide. This sail has six panels and heavy duty reinforcements in the corners and includes battens and sail bag.

Please note that these sails are not race legal -- the Laser Class has not certified them and they do not meet class specifications. They are for use during practices only.

EX2023 Laser® 4.7 Training Sail Price: $300.30 EX2025 Laser® Radial Training Sail Price: $362.25
EX2030 Laser® Training Sail Price: $476.70

Recreational Laser Spars by WinDesign

Recreational Laser Spars by WinDesign Laser Recreational Spars
NOT Class Legal

Although not class legal, these spars are great for practice or recreational use and are more economical if you're only doing recreational activities or club racing, where class legality is not an issue. Compatible with all class legal spars. Available in standard, radial and 4.7.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of these products, our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

EX2110 Recreational Lower Mast for Laser® 4.7 Price: $182.00 EX2112 Recreational Lower Mast for Laser® Radial Price: $182.00
EX2114 Recreational Lower Mast for Laser® Standard Price: $203.85 EX2116 Recreational Upper Mast for Laser® Price: $121.70
EX2118 Recreational Boom Complete for Laser® Price: $215.30

Club/Recreational Laser Line Package by APS

Club/Recreational Laser Line Package
Sailing Level: Recreational Racing, Cruising & Beach Sailing
Line Types: Durable, Long Lasting Line

Designed to be more durable and long lasting, the club/recreational package is made of polyester lines. Mainsheet is Buzz Line, a polyester/polypropylene blend that is kink-free and very soft on the hands. Control lines are low stretch and cleat well. Great for club racing.

Purpose Length (ft) Diameter (in) Line Type
Mainsheet 44 ~5/16 (8mm) New England Buzz Line
Vang 15 3/16 Marlow Super Pre Stretch
Cunningham 14 3/16 Marlow Super Pre Stretch
Outhaul 24 3/16 New England Flight Line
Traveler 11 1/4 Marlow Super Pre Stretch
Rudder Downhaul 5 5/32 Marlow Super-Prestretch
Clew Tie 2 3/16 Marlow Super Pre Stretch
Hiking Strap Line 4 3/16 Marlow Super-Prestretch
Daggerboard Shock 10 3/16 Shock Cord
Hiking Strap Shock 2 3/16 Shock Cord

Laser Standard (Club) Line Package by Laser Performance

Standard (Club) Laser Line Package
Sailing Level: Recreational Racing, Cruising & Beach Sailing
Line Types: Durable, Long Lasting Line (Polyester)

Great for relaxed club racing. Made up of Vanguard's English Braid line from the UK. The mainsheet is light and easy to handle, and control lines are low stretch and cleat well. Includes a set of Brummel Hooks for the Daggerboard Retaining cord. Not for use with Post-2001 Performance Upgraded Cunningham/Outhaul or Vang.

Purpose Line Diameter (in) Length (ft)
Mainsheet 3/16 45
Vang 3/16 10
Traveler 3/16 11
Cunningham 3/16 10
Clew Tie 5/32 2
Daggerboard Shock w/Brummels 3/16 10

Outhaul/Cunningham Clam Cleats

Outhaul/Cunningham Clam Cleats Outhaul/Cunningham Cam Cleats
NOT class legal

Check out this simple solution. Not class legal, but about half the cost of the Cam cleat deck solution. Fits the same hole spacing that already exists on your Laser. No moving parts. Has aluminum clam cleats with integral line guides.

Comes with two Clam Cleats available in either standard silver or hard coat black.

C825 Laser Outhaul/Cunningham Clam Cleats Silver Price: $82.35 C825AN Laser Outhaul/Cunningham Clam Cleats Black Price: $85.55

Recreational Laser Daggerboard and Rudder

Recreational Laser Daggerboard and Rudder Recreational Daggerboard and Rudders
NOT Class Legal

Replace those tired daggerboards and rudders with foils from Optiparts. Great for recreational use or practice. Although not legal to use, the rudder will fit with any tiller and hardware that is class legal.

Made of a wood core with fiberglass laminate and white gelcoat. Cheeks are silver anodized and the head is easily used with rudder blade.

EX2053 Recreational Rudderhead For Laser® Price: $96.50 EX2054 Recreational Rudder Blade Only For Laser® Price: $213.15
EX2055 Recreational Daggerboard For Laser® Price: $397.80

Aluminum Laser Tiller with Tiller Extension by Win Design

Aluminum Laser Tiller with Tiller Extension by Win Design

OP Tiller and Extension
32mm Aluminum Tiller

This is a nice robust combination. The outer end has a molded anodized aluminum insert and innter end is sealed with a plastic cap. Made of 25 microns black anodized with a stainless steel anti chafe protecting plate for the traveler line. Aluminum clam cleat is mounted on the side of the tube. The tiller extension is aluminum with a foam grip and OP rope core universal.

EX652910 Laser® Tiller w/Extension Price: $154.95

Recreational Auto Bailer and Repair Kit

Recreational Auto Bailer and Repair Kit Auto Bailer and Repair Kit
NOT Class Legal

Complete autobailer for your Laser. Has the same layout as the class legal bailer, but is NOT legal for racing. Includes the cockpit plug, screw and plug for the hull.

The repair kit is also not class legal, but does fit class legal bailers. The kit includes two O Rings, chute and a cockpit Plug.

EX2070 Recreational Auto Bailer For Laser® Price: $41.65 EX2072 Replacement Kit for Laser® Autobailer Price: $14.40

Gudgeon for Laser®

Gudgeon for Laser® NOT CLASS LEGAL. Meant to be used for recreational purposes only.

EX2051 Gudgeon For Laser® Price: $7.30

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