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Reversible Winches by Selden

Reversible Winches by Selden

Selden has concentrated on a whole new concept of winches. The manually operated reversible winch allows you to ease line by reversing the winch drum. The rope remains in the self tailing jaws the entire time, which means it can be a one hand operation to trim the sheet, halyard or windward guy. Single handed sailors can trim and drive at the same time. It's also a safe operation-no hands are near the drum when easing out the line. The winches provide a faster trim enhancing boat speed.

Selden winches are manually operated and of the self-tailing type that have your standard two forward gears. The purpose made winch handle has a knob which can be pushed down using your thumb. While using the button the winch turns into reverse mode. In reverse mode the winch handle is rotated clockwise and the rope eases out. Other features include:

  • A stainless drum with 10 flat faces creating a an excellent grip
  • Low weight with the centre tower is partly composite.
  • Compatable with other standard winch handles, with the exception of the reverse function that is exclusive to the Selden handle.
  • 10” Seldén winch handle with lock-in switch is included with every winch.
  • Smooth and well rounded reverse feeder. The sheet can be dumped fast when tacking..
  • 5 year warranty.

  • Part # Description Length Weight Base Dia. Line Size Power Ratio Fasteners (FH)
    in mm lb kg in mm mm High Speed Low Speed
    SLD47053010 Selden Reversible Winch: R30 -- -- 8.15 3.7 5 143 8-12 10 30 M6x5
    SLD47054010 Selden Reversible Winch: R40 -- -- 8.37 3.8 5.94 151 8-12 10 40 M6x5
    SLD47054610 Selden Reversible Winch: R46 -- -- 10.58 4.8 7.00 178 10-14 10 46 M8x5
    SLD47055210 Selden Reversible Winch: R52 -- -- 14.33 6.5 7.55 192 10-14 10 52 M8x5
    SLD53392710 Selden Winch Handle 10.0 254 1.38 .626 -- -- -- -- -- --

    SLD47053001 R30 Reversible Winch Price: $1,400.00 SLD47054001 R40 Reversible Winch Price: $1,650.00
    SLD47054601 R46 Reversible Winch Price: $2,150.00 SLD47055201 R52 Reversible Winch Price: $3,400.00
    SLD53392710 Winch Handle for Reversible Winches Price: $95.00

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