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Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Poles Carbon Fiber Blanks Aluminum Spinnaker Poles Aluminum Blanks Spinnaker Pole End Fittings Spinnaker Mast Cars, Rings & Pole Launchers
Carbon Fiber Spinnaker PolesCarbon Fiber BlanksAluminum Spinnaker PolesAluminum BlanksSpinnaker Pole End FittingsSpinnaker Mast Cars, Rings & Pole Launchers
Spinnaker Launching Bags, Twings & Accessories
Spinnaker Launching Bags, Twings & Accessories

Spinnaker Poles, Aluminum Blanks and End Fittings
Spinnaker poles are available for dinghies, one design racers, keel boats and cruisers alike. Spinnaker poles come as Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Poles, Carbon Fiber Blank tubes, Aluminum Spinnaker Poles and Aluminum Blank Tubes. We also carry spinnaker pole end fittings, spinnaker mast cars, spinnaker rings, pole launchers, spinnaker launching bags, spinnaker twings and spinnaker accessories.

Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Poles: Get rid of excess weight while having a strong spinnaker pole. We build the pole to your specifications. We carry Forespar Carbon Spinnaker Poles for Keelboats and Forte Carbon Spinnaker Poles. We also offer a Forespar Spinnaker Pole Cover to protect your spinnaker pole.
Carbon Fiber Blanks: Forte Carbon Tubes are available for many different classes. They are built to specific lengths and weights and can be straight gauge or tapered.
Aluminum Spinnaker Poles: Standard spinnaker poles are available for custom orders that fit your needs. Forespar Finished Aluminum Poles for Keelboats, Selden Finished Tapered Spinnaker Poles, Forespar and Small Boat Spinnaker Pole Kits. Aluminum Blanks: We offer aluminum tubing for dinghies and small keelboats. Made of marine alloy aluminum we have Forespar Aluminum tubing and Selden Tapered Pole Blanks.
Spinnaker Pole End Fittings: Designed to fit on blanks, the spinnaker pole end fittings come in different materials and configurations. We have Forespar UXP Pole End Fittings, Forespar UTR Pole End Fittings, Forespar Automatic Socket Ends, Forespar Grand Prix Pole End Fittings, RWO Spinnaker Pole End Fittings, Ronstan Fico Spinnaker Pole End, Ronstan External Spinnaker Pole End Fittings, Selden Spinnaker Pole End Fittings, Super Spars End Fittings, Allen Piston End Fittings, Allen External End Fittings, Allen internal End Fittings, Forespar Lexan End Fittings, Z Spar Domed and Forked Pole Ends and the Z Spar Pole End Fitting. We also carry parts and adaptors; Forespar Adapting Collars, Selden Adapting Collars, End Fitting Plunger Lining, End Fitting Spring.
Spinnaker Mast Cars, Rings and Pole Launchers: Easily adjust your spinnaker pole height with a Spinnaker Mast Car. We have Harken Spinnaker Pole Cars, Schaefer Towable Spinnaker Slides, Schaefer Spinnaker Slide Cars. If you have a fixed height system we have spinnaker pole rings including Ronstan Spinnaker Pole Rings, Dwyer Spinnaker Pole Mast Ring, Allen Spinnaker Pole Ring Brackets, Forespar Mast Ring, RWO Mast Ring and Selden Mast Rings. We also have the Sidewinder Whisker Pole launching system for Snipes.
Spinnaker Launching Bags, Twings and Accessories: We have two options for spinnaker launches bags, the APS Spinnaker Launching Bag Pro or the APS Spinnaker Launching Bag Basic. We also have spinnaker accessories like spinnaker halyard keeper, Allen Twing Blocks, RWO Pole Keyhole Rings, Ronstan Reaching Hook, Allen Topping Lift Hook, RWO Shroud Pin Roller, RWO Spinnaker Crane, Sea Sure Trip Grips, Allen Spinnaker Pole Fittings, Super Spar Sinnaker Pole Ramp, ROnstan Guy Hooks, Clam Cleat Side Entry Cleats and Harken Railmount Twing Control.

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