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Harken Hardware

Harken is the one of the most recognizable names in sailing hardware. Harken is the world leading manufacturer in sailing hardware from dinghies to large yachts. Most well known for their Harken blocks, Harken Furlers, Harken winches and Harken travelers. Whether you're a local sailing camp or the America's Cup, Harken has you covered. APS stocks a full line of Harken hardware to ensure you stay on the water.

Harken Blocks and Accessories
Blocks and Accessories
Loop Blocks T2 Blocks TTR Blocks
Carbo Blocks Black Magic Blocks Midrange Blocks
ESP Blocks Small Boat Blocks Ratchet Blocks
Wire Blocks Snatch Blocks Springs, Boots and Bases
Replacement Sheaves
Harken Shackles
Snap Shackles Stamped Shackles U Adaptors
Post Adaptor Block Stanchion Lead Assembly
Harken Complete Mainsail Handling Systems and Harken Complete Genoa Handling Sytems
Complete Mainsail and Genoa Handling Systems
Complete Mainsheet Systems Complete Outhaul and Cunningham Systems Complete Jib and Genoa Lead Systems
Complete Traveler Systems Complete Traditional Vangs
Harken Mainsheet Cars and Genoa Cars
Mainsheet Cars and Genoa Cars
Dinghy and Small Keelboat Mainsheet Traveler Cars Midrange and Big Boat Mainsheet Traveler Cars Mini Maxi, Maxi and CRX Mainsheet Traveler Cars
Dinghy Jib Leads Small Keelboat Genoa Lead Cars Mid Size Genoa Lead Cars
Big Boat Genoa Lead Cars
Harken Deck Hardware
Deck Hardware
Cam Cleats Cam Swivel Bases and Cam Arms Eyestraps
Harken Bullseyes Pad Eyes Line Feeders
Deck Organizers
Harken Tiller Extensions
Tiller Extensions
Tiller Extensions Universal Replacement
Harken Winches and Winch Handles
Winches and Winch Handles
Standard Winches Racing Winches Winch Tools and Maintenance Kits
Winch Cleaners, Greese and Lubricants SpeedGrip Winch Handles Ball Bearing Winch Handles
Harken Furlers and Headstay Foils
Furlers and Headstay Foils
MKIII Jib Furling System MKIV Jib Furling System Code Zero Furling Systems
Screecher, Staysail and Gennaker Furlers Small Boat Furling System Headstay Foils
Harken Sport

Harken also carries a full line of Soft goods from Harken Sport. This includes Shorts, Sailing Shoes, Sailing gloves, Bags and accessories. Please Note: Soft goods are not included in the Harken Sale.

Harken Soft Goods and Gear
Soft Goods and Gear
Ballistic Eco Shorts Vortex Sailing Shoes Hydroflux Sailing Shoes
Women's HydroFlex Sailing Shoes Women's Vortex Sailing Shoes Black Magic Gloves
Sunglasses Soft Cooler Umbrella
Harken Bags, Travel Kits, Purses and Wallets
Bags, Travel Kits, Purses and Wallets
Duffel Bag Waterproof Squall Bag Travel Kit
Wash Bag Classic Sailcloth Purse Sailcloth Purse
Sailcloth Wallet
Harken Accessories
Bosun's Chair Garage Hoisting Systems

Harken is a leading manufacturer in sailing hardware and sailboat accessories. Started by Peter and Olaf Harken, Peter invented the first ball bearing block in 1967. He made blocks, winches and cam cleats to start with and has expanded year after year with a full line of hardware from Harken blocks, Harken Winches, Harken Cam Cleats to Harken Shackles, Harken Furlers, Harken Deck Hardware, Harken Mainsail Control Systems, Harken Genoa Control Systems and finally, Harken Sport, a division that specializes in Sailing Shoes, Sailing Shorts and more. Harken hardware is seen on many one design classes from dinghy blocks to maxi mainsheet traveler systems. From local sailing to Olympic sailing, Harken Hardware is equipped to work with it all.

Harken Blocks: Some of the best known in sailing hardware, Harken Blocks cover many applications from dinghy hardware to maxi hardware. We carry the full line of Harken blocks; Harken Loop Blocks, Harken T2 Blocks, Harken TTR Blocks, Harken Carbo Blocks, Harken Black Magic Blocks, Harken Midrange Blocks, Harken ESP Blocks, Harken Small Boat Blocks, Harken Ratchet Blocks, Harken Wire Blocks, Harken Snatch Blocks, Harken Springs, Boots and Bases and Harken Replacement Sheaves.
Harken Shackles: Stainless shackles and adaptor make connecting blocks to the deck and halyards easy. Harken has the Harken Snap Shackle, Harken Stamped Shackle, Harken U Adaptor, Harken Post Adaptor and Harken Block Stanchion Lead Assembly.
Harken Complete Mainsail and Genoa Handling Systems: Harken has complete handling systems to make setting up you sailboat easy. Complete systems include all the blocks, tracks and accessories needed to control your mainsail and genoa. This includes Harken Mainsheet Systems, Harken Outhaul Systems, Harken Cunningham Systems, Harken Jib Lead Systems, Harken Genoa Lead Systems, Harken Traveler Systems, Harken Traditional Vangs.
Harken Mainsheet Cars and Genoa Cars: An integral part of your mainsheet or genoa handling systems, Harken Cars make controlling sails easy. We carry the full line of Harken Dinghy and Small Keelboat Mainsheet Traveler Cars, Harken Midrange and Big Boat Mainsheet Travler Cars, Harken Mini Maxi, Maxi and CRX Mainsheet Travler Cars, Harken Dinghy Jib leads, Harken Small Keelboat Genoa Lead Cars, Harken Mid Size Genoa Lead Car and Harken Big Boat Genoa Lead Cars
Harken Deck Hardware: Harken Cam Cleats are a staple on many boats, from dinghies to maxis. That's not all, Harken Deck hardware includes Harken Cam Arms and Swivel Bases, Harken Eyestraps, Harken Bullseyes, Harken Pad Eyes, Harken Line Feeders and Harken Deck Organizers.
Harken Tiller Extensions: Available in many different lengths, Harken Tiller Extensions work well on dinghies to give you the necessary feel of the boat. Harken Uniersal Replacements are made to ensure the best performance and easy replacement.
Harken Winches and Winch Handles: Harken Winches are seen as standards on many one design boats. Reliable and high performing the Harken winches come in Harken Standard Winches or Harken Racing Winches. Complete your winch with a Harken SpeedGrip Winch Handle or Harken Ball Bearing Winch Handle for ultimate performance.
Harken Furlers and Headstay Foils: Keep those headsails in control with a Harken Furler or Foil. No matter what type of sail it is, Harken has the solution from MKIII Jib Furling System, MKIV Furling System, Harken Code Zero Furling System, Harken Screecher, Staysail and Gennaker Furler, Small Boat Furling System to the Harken Headstay Foil.
Harken Soft Goods and Gear: Harken expanded into sailing gear and has continued to expand. Harken Sport currently has the Harken Ballistic Eco Shorts, Harken Vortex Shoes, Harken Hydroflux Shoes, Harken Black Magic Gloves, Harken Sunglasses, Harken Soft Cooler and the Harken Umbrella. Great for onshore or off, the Hardware giant has easily made the transition to sailing gear.
Harken Bags, Travel Kits, Purses and Wallets: Harken bags range from purses to waterproof gear bags and everything in between. Bags include the Harken Duffel Bag, Harken Wash Bad, Harken Waterproof Squall Bag, Harken Classic Sailcloth Purse, Harken Sailcloth Purse and the Harken Sailcloth Wallet.
Harken Accessories: Harken also carries a Harken Bosun's Chair to help keep you safe as you scale the rig. Next, the Harken Garage Hoisting System helps clear some room for small dinghies in your already crowded garage.

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