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McLaughlin Pro Racer Optimist

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McLaughlin Pro Racer Optimist

The Pro Racer Hull includes:

McLaughlin Pro Racer Hull Construction: The hull is built on a Thursday allowing 4 days cure time in the mold assuring a totally rigid shape. We further refine the bottom, edges, centerboard slot and rig it to the most modern systems and hardware available. This is your boat so you can specify special: hardware, rigging, non skid aggressiveness and cosmetics. Your boat can be white or decorated using: metal flake, custom colors, clear transoms, even a photograph can be added. Examples can be seen in the Photo Gallery. The hull is simply maxed out and breakdown free.

Specific Hull Upgrades:
  • Every hull, mast, rudder and centerboard is alignment checked using a laser beam
  • Custom wall to wall racing non-skid surfacing in cockpit and bow area
  • 2 4.2litre big gulp the largest bailers available plus a praddel paddle
  • HARKEN ball bearing blocks including the “Carbo Ratchamatic” main sheet block (adjustable free wheeling normally and ratchet block under load)
  • Double tapered mainsheet, soft on hands, with small friction free line through the blocks
  • Custom sewn boom pendant extender block means less line to pull in
  • Three 48litre EZ-fill heavy duty airbags and straps. The largest allowed
  • Custom double padded non-slip adjustable hiking straps, with lifting loops back & front
  • Delrin mast collar w/ mast safety tie-in and mast lock prevents costly repairs
  • Locking mast step mechanism holds your settings even in rough seas
  • Daggerboard one hand lift adjustment system w/ handle
  • Low turbulence daggerboard slot inserts

Spars - Your choice of top-level Racing Spars – Although the Blackgold EX975 spar set, with 4 boom choices, is consider the standard and best in the world., We do offer others spar sets, which sport their own unique features. Giulietti Blacktop or the Optimax MK4 spar set. Guide to Spars.

Sails - Your choice of the best racing sails in the World. McLaughlin stocks all the major racing sails: Olimpic, North, WinDesign, J-Sails, etc. Guide to Sails.

Blades - Your choice of top level "New Rule" Epoxy Foils: N1 Blades of Spain has designed a foil set specifically for the Pro Racer (Color green with exclusive deluxe gold anodized tiller and removable tiller extension) Its entry and exit shape compliment the low turbulence spacers in the centerboard slot. Tebbertmann or WinDesign Pro Race foils are also available. These three manufacturers dominate the field of racing blades and are seen on the majority of Optimists at World and Continental Championships. Guide to Blades.

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MGLOPTIPR Opti - Pro Racer - No Sail Price: $3,775.00 - $3,860.00 MGLOPTIPR2 Opti - Pro Racer- North Sail Price: $4,250.00 - $4,335.00
MGLOPTIPR3 Opti - Pro Racer-Olympic Sail Price: $4,149.00 - $4,234.00

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