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Whisker Poles - Finished Poles Aluminum Blanks Whisker Pole End Fittings
Whisker Poles - Finished PolesAluminum BlanksWhisker Pole End Fittings

Whisker Poles, Aluminum Blanks and End Fittings
Whisker Poles are used to "wing-out" the jib when sailing downwind. They extend between the mast and jib sheet at the clew to hold the jib out on the opposite side of the main in clean air, producing a greater degree of control and efficiency than you could possibly achieve without a whisker pole. Whisker Poles are available as in a fixed length or as a telescoping pole.

Whisker Poles – Finished Poles: Forespar Whisker Pole, Forespar Small Telescoping Whisker Poles, Forespar Heavy Duty Telescoping Whisker Poles and Forespar Line Control Whisker Poles. We also have Forespar Lock Repair Kits to fix your twist lock telescoping pole.
Aluminum Blanks: We offer aluminum tubing for dinghies and small keelboats. Made of marine alloy aluminum we have Forespar Aluminum tubing and Selden Tapered Pole Blanks.
Whisker Pole End Fittings: Designed to fit on blanks, the whisker pole end fittings come in different materials and configurations. We have Forespar UXP Pole End Fittings, Forespar UTR Pole End Fittings, Forespar Automatic Socket Ends, Forespar Grand Prix Pole End Fittings, RWO Spinnaker Pole End Fittings, Ronstan Fico Spinnaker Pole End, Ronstan External Spinnaker Pole End Fittings, Selden Spinnaker Pole End Fittings, Super Spars End Fittings, Allen Piston End Fittings, Allen External End Fittings, Allen internal End Fittings, Forespar Lexan End Fittings, Z Spar Domed and Forked Pole Ends and the Z Spar Pole End Fitting. We also carry parts and adaptors; Forespar Adapting Collars, Selden Adapting Collars, End Fitting Plunger Lining, End Fitting Spring.

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