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Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe by Stentec Software

 Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe by Stentec Software Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe by Stentec Software
Cd-Rom. Not MAC compatible.

Virtual sailing at its finest. Trim your boat, control the sheets and steer the selected sailing boat at maximum speed through the waves. Sail Simulator 5 has been optimized for organizing regatta sailing and match racing on your local network or using the Internet. Cd-Rom. Not MAC compatible.

Race on 17 boats in 5 different landscapes.

2013 - 2016 Rule Book

2013 - 2016 Rule Book U.S. Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing, 2013-2016
The official 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing. This 6" x 8" spiralbound guide includes all US SAILING prescriptions. The book that every sailor, coach, instructor and official needs to have!

Dave Perry's 100 Best Racing Quizzes
Dave Perry's 100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes highlights specific aspects of the racing rules in an enjoyable format designed to help you become more familiar with The Racing Rules of Sailing. Increase your knowledge of the rules and your racing will improve dramatically as you gain greater confidence making tactical decisions and maneuvering in close quarters.

Dave Perry is an All-American sailor and champion racer, coach and teacher, as well as a US SAILING Senior Certified Judge and member of the U.S. Appeals Committee.

Dave Perry's Understanding Racing Rules
The better you know the rules, the sharper you will be tactically on the race course. Dave Perry clearly and concisely answers all of the most commonly asked questions on the racing rules from a champion racing sailor's perspective. His comprehensive, easy-to-understand explanations, with extensive references to US SAILING Appeals and ISAF cases, make this book a complete and authoritative resource on the rules for new racers and Olympic sailors alike, as well as judges and other race officials. Brad Dellenbaugh's abundant diagrams and amusing captions bring Perry's rules explanations to life.

This book explains all the new changes to the rules of the 2013-2016 ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing and US SAILING prescriptions. It also contains over 100 quotes and references to the US SAILING Appeals and ISAF Cases, making it an indispensable resource for all sailors as well as judges and other racing officials.

US005 Book: Racing Rule Book ISAF 2013 - 2016 Price: $29.95 US006 Book: Understanding Rules 2013 - 2016 Price: $34.95
US007 Book: 100 Best Racing Quizzes 2013-2016 Price: $14.95

Books and CDs by North U

Books and CDs by North U North U Books and CDs

Performance Racing Tactics
Book: The sixth edition covers tactics, rules, weather, and strategy in 200 information-packed pages. The fast moving, easy to follow format is accessible to all readers. Rules are covered the way you use them - (ie upwind rules as part of upwind tactics). The content offers complete information for neophytes and insights which grab the attention of the saltiest dog. Quizzes and skill building sections show how to develop a race winning approach. Includes chapters by Peter Isler on Match Racing and from Ockam U on Performance Tactics.

CD: The CD covers starting, upwind, and downwind topics, including strategy, tactics, and rules using animations, graphics, photos, photo sequences, video, and the interactive wind shift simulators. Additional topics include Mark Rouding, Finishing and Distance Racing Tactics. The CD features a voice over by the author, Bill Gladstone.

Performance Racing Trim
Book: To win races you have to sail fast. Performance Racing Trim shows you how. The North U Trim book treats boat speed and boat handling topics in the same accessible style as North U Tactics. The TRIM book gives complete coverage to upwind and downwind sail trim and boat handling, including mainsail and genoa trim, helming and the trim and handling of both conventional and asymmetric spinnakers. Learn how angle of attack, depth and twist effect performance. See how changes in pole position change spinnaker shape. Understand your options for spinnaker takedowns. Special sections on Trim Solutions solve the most baffling performance problems, while the boat handling skills and drills show you how to turn your crew into a team. Packed with illustrations, written to be read, the Trim book will teach you techniques you can use in your next race.

CD: The North U TRIM CD puts performance in motion, and shows how changes in trim change the sailing performance of your boat. Use the inter-active "Sail Shaper" to see how different sail controls change sail shapes. Understand how to adjust angle of attack, depth and twist to match different sailing conditions. Detailed trim guidelines are provided for mainsail, jib, genoa, spinnaker, and asymmetric spinnaker trim.In addition to sail trim, the CD covers boathandling topics, and shows the most up to date techniques for spinnaker sets, jibes and douses, for both conventional and asymmetric spinnakers. Through video, animated graphics and 100s of photographs, the TRIM CD covers the full range of trim and boat handling topics.The CD also includes a voice over by the author, Bill Gladstone, turning the CD into a complete home study TRIM seminar.

Weather for Sailors
Weather For Sailors Workbook Written by Bill Biewenga and edited by the meteorologists at Commanders' Weather, is the Weather For Sailors workbook. The workbook explains weather from a sailor's perspective, starting with global weather and narrowing in to explain how local forces and global weather patterns interact to create the sailor’s weather. From there the workbook shows how to interpret forecasts and apply predictions to improve your sailing performance. Included are dozens of examples showing how to see if a forecast is “coming true” and how to apply a forecast to a particular race or cruise.

Weather For Sailors CD-Rom Weather is dynamic, and the Weather For Sailors CD-Rom puts weather in motion. You’ll see how global, regional, and local weather phenomena interact to create the local sailing wind. You’ll understand how and why an approaching front will shift local winds, and what to expect as it passes. You’ll see how weather differs in different positions around a system. You’ll watch as regional gradient weather battles local events for control of surface winds. You’ll marvel at how you can see into the future (that’s a forecast!) when you understand the dynamics of weather in three dimensions! It’s all there on the Weather For Sailors CD-rom, plus a voice over. If you can’t attend the Weather For Sailors Seminar, it’s the next best thing.

Match Racing
Brought to you by North U, this 3rd edition features modern match racing tactics and techniques now with video. It's a 170 page PDF on CD. Features 29 video clips of actual race footage. Please note: videos do not contain audio. Written by world-renowned match racing tactician John Cutler and internationally -acclaimed match racing umpire Henry Menin. The latest and most complete descriptions of the techniques and tactics. Unlike other explanations, the PDF contains commentary from both the tactician and umpire's perspective.

NU001 CD ROM: P.R. Tactics Price: $40.00 NU002 CD ROM: P.R. Trim Price: $40.00
NU003 Book: P.R. Trim Price: $25.00 NU004 Book: P.R. Tactics Price: $25.00
NU005 Book: Weather Price: $25.00 NU006 CD ROM: Weather Price: $40.00
NU007 Book on CD - Match Racing 3rd ed. Price: $40.00

Children's Books

Children's Books The World of Pirates
by Philip Steele
Read all about piracy through the ages, their ships, flags, daily life for the crew and lots more. What treasure did they steal? What happened to pirates who were caught? Are these pirates today? Find out...

The Ship's Log for Kids
by Weems & Plath
Colorful and educational, The Ship's Log for Kids gives your little first mates the opportunity to write impressions of their sea voyages while learning valuable lessons about the sea and boating.

First Sail: An Adventure Story Designed to Help New Sailors Learn the Ropes
by Richard Henderson
A highly recommended story that delights young readers with adventure while learning the basics of sailing. Beautifully illustrated, every page has facts, terms, weather conditions and sailing techniques.

RHCMP286 Book: First Sail Price: $15.95 RHHMC310 Book: The World of Pirates Price: $8.99
WP806 Ship's Log for Kids Price: $19.79

Competitive One Design Videos by Harken

Competitive One Design Videos by Harken These one design specific videos take an in-depth look at the techniques, choreography and organization involved in many of the maneuvers necessary for competition in one-design.

Harken Competitive J/24 Video
An in-depth video review of the techniques, and organization involved in the boathandling maneuvers necessary in J/24 racing—a must for J/24 sailors.

Harken Competitive J/22 Video
Everything you need to know about handling the J/22, offering interactive instruction with unparalleled attention to detail. Complete with transcripts to crew communication as it happens as well as pop-up chalk talk notes that can be printed for further reference.

Harken Competitive J/105 Video
A video catalog of the techniques for crew choreography and communication. Chapters include: tacking, jibing, spinnaker sets, spinnaker douses and a special chapter on boat characteristics.

Harken Competitive 420 Video
Tune up your skills in the off-season or just between regattas with this CD-ROM video. Interactive video instruction with crew comments and pop-up Chalk Talk notes.

Requires Windows 98 or higher. Not MAC compatible. Please note that DVD's and CD's are not returnable.

H4896 J/24 Boathandling Video CD-ROM Price: $45.00 H4938 Harken J/22 CD ROM Video Price: $45.00
H4940 Harken 420 CD CD ROM Video Price: $45.00 H4962 J105 CD ROM- Competitive Price: $48.00

Instructional DVDs by J World

Instructional DVDs by J World

J World Instructional Videos

SAIL Magazine Says:
... these are action on-the water DVDs. Computer graphics and "talking heads" are kept to a minimum in favor of showing you sailing as you'll experience it on board a boat. They are clear, concise and expository and crammed with the performance details that will keep you coming back for another viewing. If you're serious about sailing, whatever type of boat you sail, these DVDs are for you...

Upwind Sailing
A visual guide to helming, sail trim, shifting gears, and upwind crew responsibilities, featuring six time World Champion Ken Read along with an All Star J World team. Upwind action for serious sailors or racers. 30 Minutes.

Downwind Sailing
A companion to Upwind Sailing, again featuring Rolex Yachtsman of the year, Ken Read and an All Star J World crew. This video details the tasks of each crew member during spinnaker sets, jibes, takedowns and mark roundings. Also covered are downwind sail trim, kinetics, and communication. Filmed at J World's famed Key West location, this tape is perfect for racers and sailors who want to master the challenge of performing downwind. 40 minutes.

Starting Tactics
Some of the most successful racers in the sport demonstrate the ins and outs of the most critical portion of a race. Our fleet shows you first-hand how to develop a game plan, play the shifts, deal with current, sight the line, choose the favored end, attack and defend your position, maneuver in a large fleet, assign crew duties and perfect your tactics off the line. Devoted entirely to the start. 40 minutes.

Championship Sailing
Follow the action with on board cameras and aerial shots as 70 J/24s from sixteen countries do combat to claim the title World Champion. This exciting hour shows you how greats like Ken Read, John Kostecki, Dave Curtis and Jim Brady sail away from the rest of the crowd. Whatever type of boat you sail the information in this DVD is invaluable. 60 minutes.

Performance Tuning
Unlike the other titles this DVD is designed primarily for the J/24 sailor who wants to master the complexities of rig tuning. Different from written tuning guides this DVD shows you onshore rig preparation, pre-bend, spreader, shroud, and forestay settings. On the water testing will let you see what your sails will look like when the rig is tuned properly. 20 minutes.

JW006 Upwind Sailing - DVD Price: $29.95 JW007 Downwind Sailing - DVD Price: $29.95
JW008 Starting Tactics - DVD Price: $29.95 JW009 Championship Sailing - DVD Price: $19.95

Making Eye Splices DVD

Making Eye Splices DVD Making Eye Splices
Running Time: 140 minutes on 2 DVD's

If you've been frustrated by the hazy directions in books and pamphlets for making eye splices, here's the antidote. Master rigger Brion Toss of Brion Toss Yacht Riggers, Port Townsend, Washington, demonstrates easy-to-follow procedures for making the following splices:
  • Double-Braid Eye Splice
  • Sta-Set X Eye Splice
  • Double-Braid End-to-End Eye Splice
  • Regatta Braid Eye Splice
  • Spectra Eye Splice
  • Naked Spectra Eye Splice
  • Three-Strand Eye Splice
  • Three-Strand Crown (to chain or shackle)
  • Arborist Rope Eye Splice
Running Time: 140 minutes on 2 DVD's.

RHVMI105D Making Eye Splices DVD Price: $24.95

Sailing Mind Skills CD by Michael Blackburn

Sailing Mind Skills CD by Michael Blackburn Michael Blackburn Sailing Mind Skills CD

This is the first CD of its type, designed for moderate to advanced level sailors who are serious about improving their mental skills. Will help you focus on the important aspects of racing. Fourteen subject tracks.

Sailing Mind Skills Vol 1 features guided visualization on start preparation, mark rounding, perspective, sailing strategy, controlling arousal, relaxation, distraction control and focusing techniques. Accelerate your improvements by doing imagery for sailing before your next big race! Master the mental side of sailing and watch your results improve!

Videos, CD's and DVD's are not returnable

Seahorse Magazine Subscription

Seahorse Magazine Subscription Seahorse Magazine Subscription

Seahorse Magazine has a clear, uncompromised voice. The magazine has developed over 25 years into a powerful forum for debate, and influential opinion, a truly International magazine, and the official publication of the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC).

The depth of racing coverage and expert comment provided by Seahorse's contributors gives it an authority unrivaled by any other sailing magazine, anywhere in the world.

Seahorse is the essential magazine for sailors that is enjoyable with excellent pictures and stories. Published monthly, we've arranged a deal for our APS customers to save at least 20% off.

Just click here for your Seahorse Magazine Subscription.

Skiff Sailing DVDs

Skiff Sailing DVDs Awesome Aussie Skiffs DVD

Awesome Aussie 18 Foot Skiffs in a non-stop feature of the most outrageous sailing action ever seen. Watch as the 18s destroy the known barriers of performance on the water and survive some of the most hair-raising crashes imaginable.

We will take you to some of the world’s best sailing locations, from the crystal clear waters of Hamilton Island to howling gales of Auckland Harbor, in this the ultimate compilation of highlights from the past decade of grand prix racing. Bet your eyes on it.

Holt Allen Smack Down Under

This is a story about the 18 foot Skiff World Championships, in Sydney and how an English team, led by Rob Greenhalgh, tried to beat the Aussie's on their home pitch.

It's not the first time Rob's tried to win the championship, so the Australians and the rest of the world know what to expect, but have these Brit's got what it takes to take on the world and win?

Videos, CD's and DVD's are not returnable.

RFDVD1 Awesome Aussie Skiffs I DVD Price: $25.95

Splicing Instructions DVD by Samson

Splicing Instructions DVD by Samson Samson Instructional Splicing DVDs
Set of 2 DVDs

You can watch the Samson Master Splicers at work while following along and creating the same splices. Samson's Splicing DVD's focuses on how to create the most popular splices. The videos take you through the step by step process behind splicing while also providing drawn diagrams, visual demonstrations and calculated dimensions. Some Splices covered in the videos include:

  • Three-Strand Splice
  • Six-Strand Splice
  • Eight-Strand Splice
  • Eight x Three-Strand Splice
  • Twelve-Strand Splice
  • Sixteen-Strand Splice
  • Round Plait
  • Eye Splices
  • Class 1 Double Braid
  • Class 2 Double Braid
  • Lock Stitch & Whipping Procedures, Class 1

SM9960090 Samson Splicing DVD Set Price: $39.45

Splicing Manual by Samson

Splicing Manual by Samson Samson Splicing Manual
158 Pages

This manual includes a complete set of splicing and repair instructions for most of the ropes Samson carries and most 3-strand, 6-strand, 8-strand, 12-strand, 16-strand, Round Plait rope and Double Braid rope.

Descriptive instructions and detailed illustrations provide the end user with clear steps for easily splicing your rope while in the field.

SM996006 Book: Splicing Manual Price: $22.19

Waterproof Paper/Pads

Waterproof Paper/Pads Harken Wet Notes
3 1/4" x 4 1/5"

Whether you are keeping track of your target numbers, heading or marks you have to honor, this little notebook will let you write in the rain or as waves are splashing the boat. These Harken Wet Notes are a great size since they will fit easily into your pocket. Includes 60 waterproof pages and a small pencil.

Ritchie Wet Notes
Small (3" wide x 5" high) or Large (4" wide x 7" high)

Great for coaches, tacticians or anyone that needs to take notes in wet condition with 45 waterproof pages. Can be written on with a pencil, even under water. Write stuff down while sailing or working in the rain. Great for recording rig settings or a quick to-do list. Pencil included.

H2559 Harken Wet Notes Price: $7.00 RTW35 Wet Notes - Small (3" x 5") Price: $12.28
RTW50 Wet Notes - Large (4.5" x 7.25") Price: $16.02

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