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Mainsail Stop by Davis

Mainsail Stop by Davis Used to prevent slides or slugs from falling out when the sail is lowered or reefed. It is a large, gnarled wheel with a 1/2" diameter slug.

DV2350 Main Sail 1/2 Screw Stop Price: $8.49

OEM Replacement Parts by Z-Spars

OEM Replacement Parts by Z-Spars Works with OEM Z-Spars replacement parts. Connect your spreaders to a stainless steel Z-Spars front wrap bracket, which is robust and fits most dinghy masts.

ZSSB Spreader Bracket - Front Wrap Price: $99.00

Sliding Gooseneck by Holt

Sliding Gooseneck by Holt Sliding gooseneck from Holt is available with a 7 or 8mm groove width. The 7mm groove gooseneck is 11mm wide x 10mm thick back plate. The 8mm groove gooseneck is 16mm wide x 6mm thick. Both have a 1/2" diameter pin.

HA41141 Sliding Gooseneck-Square Base 7mm Groove Price: $66.47 HA41143 Sliding Gooseneck-Thick T Base 8mm Groove Price: $66.47

Gooseneck by Holt Allen

Gooseneck by Holt Allen Holt Allen makes this stainless steel fixed gooseneck with a 1/2 inch round pin and four fixing holes.

HA4009LZ Gooseneck Round Pin 1/2 Price: $54.83

Mast & Boom Hardware by RWO

Mast & Boom Hardware by RWO RWO manufactures a stainless steel mast step for use with tenion heel plugs which is 5-7/16 inches long. The inside track is approximately 3/4 inch wide.

RWO also makes a stainless steel boom slider with a set screw that is 9/16 inch wide by 2-1/2 inches long. Eye stock is 3/16 inch in diameter. This slider works well with Super Spars booms.

R2010 Mast Step Price: $41.34 R4863 Boom Slider w/Set Screw Price: $21.84

Mast Slides with Eye Straps by Seoladair

Mast Slides with Eye Straps by Seoladair This slide is unique and very useful. Aluminum 3/8 inch diameter slide with stainless steel eyestrap. SOM440 is 2-1/4 inches long with No. 10 screws.

SOM440 Eye Strap on 3/8 Mast Slug (1) Price: $13.09

Slug Slides

Slug Slides Mount hardware on your mast or boom with these new slug inserts. The round slug allows much greater holding strength than the traditional plate.

We offer two sizes both are made of 3/8 inch aluminum rod. The larger is 1-1/2 inches long and features a 1/2 inch 10-24 pan head screw. The smaller is 3/4 of an inch long and has a 8/32 - 1/2 inch Phillips screw. Both sizes are sold by the pair.

SOM230 3/8 Slug Slide, 7/8 long(PR) Price: $8.93 SOM240 3/8 Slug Slide, 1.5 long(PR) Price: $9.20

Sail Track Feeder by Holt

Sail Track Feeder by Holt Used for dinghies, these pre-feeders are made of different material, one with alloy and the other with aluminum. HA924 is a Mainsail inline pre-feeder for less snags. It has a 3/8" max luff rope. Use with external sail track. HA824 is a Mainsail prefeeder. It has a 3/8" max luff rope for external sail track.

HA824 Alloy Mainsail PreFeeder Price: $11.88 HA924 Aluminum Sail Feeder Price: $33.33

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