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Heavy Duty Halyard Lock by RaceLite

Heavy Duty Halyard Lock by RaceLite Made of heavy duty stainless stock for 1/8" wire halyards with swaged on ball stops.

RL433 Heavy Duty Halyard Lock Price: $4.83

Keelboat Halyard Lock by APS

Keelboat Halyard Lock by APS Made of heavy stainless steel, this keelboat halyard lock is made for 1/8" wire halyard with swaged-on ball stops.

APS1010 Keel Boat Halyard Lock 1/8 Wire Ball Stop Price: $29.75

Ronstan Halyard Lock

Ronstan Halyard Lock For locking halyards off on a talurit/crimp swage. Fabricated from grade 304 stainless steel, the Ronstan halyard lock has a wide mouth which some find easier toguide wire halyards into. Max wire size of 1/8".

RF191 Wide Halyard Lock Price: $5.06

Holt Allen Halyard Lock

Holt Allen Halyard Lock Designed to reduce halyard stretch and mast compression, the Holt Allen halyard lock is used on a number of dinghies. Mounts to rounded or flat surfaces. Max wire size 1/8 inch (3mm). Stainless steel.

HA4245 Halyard Lock Price: $6.14

Sea Sure Forked Halyard Lock

Sea Sure Forked Halyard Lock Mounts to rounded or flat surfaces . Forked ends, stainless steel. Max wire size 1/8 inch (3mm).

SS2526 Halyard Lock Forked End Price: $3.40

Z-Spars Halyard Exit & Lock

Z-Spars Halyard Exit & Lock Two in one design. Great on dinghy masts not only to prevent wire halyards from cutting the mast wall, but also has a molded-in halyard lock. Cast hardkote anodized aluminum construction. Max 1/16 inch wire (will also accomodate 1/8 inch Vectrus single braid line).

Race-Lite Heavy-Duty Halyard Lock

Race-Lite Heavy-Duty Halyard Lock Mounts to flat surfaces. For 3/32 or 1/8 inch wire halyards with swaged ball stops. Stainless steel.

RL343 Halyard Lock Heavy-Duty Fixed Price: $3.05

Race-Lite Sliding Heavy-Duty Halyard Lock

Race-Lite Sliding Heavy-Duty Halyard Lock Use the screw-down stop, or remove the thumbscrew and attach a thin control line for easy adjustment. For 3/32 or 1/8 inch halyards. Stainless steel. Used in conjunction with the BB9521 stainless steel track.

RL373 Halyard Lock Heavy-Duty Slide Price: $14.91

Bainbridge Stainless Steel Track

Bainbridge Stainless Steel Track Sold by the inch because most people only use a short section. 11/16 inch wide. Stainless steel. Used in conjunction with the Race Lite Sliding Heavy-Duty Halyard Lock.

BB9521 Sail Track 11/16 (per inch) Price: $2.02

Holt Allen Dinghy Halyard Racks

Holt Allen Dinghy Halyard Racks Anodized alloy. Use with an all wire halyard with a long crimp swage loop in the end which is then hooked to a tooth on the rack (mounted on the side of the mast). Strong 1/8 inch or smaller messenger line is used to pull the halyard down and out of the mast under load so it can be hooked to the tooth providing the desired tension. Two sizes to choose from 10-tooth/4.9 inch and 5-tooth/3.3 inch.

HA245 Halyard Tooth LG Price: $12.48 HA345 Halyard Rack SM-5 tooth Price: $9.86

RWO Mast Bend Magic Box

RWO Mast Bend Magic Box Can be used anyplace you need a powerful tackle. The extension arms carry a pad which pushes rather than pulls on dinghy masts. Box is secured to a base plate for mounting on the deck. Adjustment: 2-7/16 inches (88mm). Body size is 7-1/2 by 2 inches.

R4520 Mast Bend Magic Box Price: $207.27

Z-Spars Mast Strut

Z-Spars Mast Strut Fully adjustable. This robust strut allows you to easily control your mast bend. Car has four ball-bearing rollers. System comes complete (Part No. ZS1) or you can purchase the components separately.

ZS1 Complete Mast Strut Assy Price: $363.00 ZS18 Strut Tube End Cap Price: $37.95
ZS19 Strut Tube Price: $37.95 ZS20 Deck T-Plate Fitting for Strut Price: $31.35

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