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Selden Replacement Sheaves Sheave Boxes and Halyard Exit Plates Harken Replacement Sheaves Holt Allen Replacement Sheaves Ronstan Replacement Sheaves
Selden Replacement SheavesSheave Boxes and Halyard Exit PlatesHarken Replacement SheavesHolt Allen Replacement SheavesRonstan Replacement Sheaves

Replacement Sheaves, Sheave Boxes and Exit Plates
In order to keep sailing blocks working properly replacement sheaves sometimes need to be used and we stock just about every replacement sheave we can get. Chances are if you can’t find it on our site it was custom made and will be in order to be replaced. Sheave boxes are used on wire or rope to guide lines in applications such as thru decks, bulkhead exits or spar exits. Halyard Exit Plates minimize friction and chafing as a wire or rope comes out of a spar.

Sheave Boxes, Exit Boxes and Exit Plates: Used for applications where lines are led through decks, bulkheads or spars to minimize friction and chafing. Available as plain bearing sheave boxes or ball bearing sheave boxes, they are usually set up to be able to handle wire or rope. We carry the Harken Sheave Box, Harken Reinforced Cover Plates, Ronstan Sheave Box, Holt Sheave Box, Holt Allen Low Profile Sheave Box, Selden Mast Sheave, Selden Exit Box, Super Spars Sheave Box, Race Lite Exit Plates, Schaefer Exit Plate and the Forespar Nylon Exit Box

Harken Replacement Sheaves: If your sheave on your Harken Block is in need of repair we have a full line of Harken Replacement Sheaves. This includes the Harken Self Contained Sheaves, Harken Big Boat Sheaves, Harken High-Load Sheaves, Harken Narrow Halyard and the Harken Steering Sheaves.

Allen Replacement Sheaves: Designed specifically for ranges of Allen Blocks we have Allen Stainless Ball Bearing Sheaves, Allen Acetal Ball bearing Sheaves, Allen Acetal Plain Bearing Sheaves and Allen Alloy Solid Bearing Sheaves.

Ronstan Replacement Sheaves: Fits with Ronstan blocks, Ronstan Replacement sheaves come in many materials. We have Ronstan Acetal Ball Bearing Sheaves, Ronstan Acetal Oilite Bearing Sheave, Ronstan Acetal Solid bearing Sheaves, Ronstan Glass Reinforced Nylon Sheaves, Ronstan Nylatron Plain Bearing Sheaves, Ronstan Aluminum Oilite Bearing Sheaves and Ronstan Nickel-Plated Brass Solid Bearing Sheaves.

Selden Replacement Sheaves: Complete range in both composite and high-load ball bearing stainless steel to suit the Selden components range.

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