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More information on Ball Bearing Blocks:

In the simplest definition, a ball bearing block is a housing containing a rolling sheave with balls lining the race on the either side of the sheave.  The balls reduce the friction by minimizing bearing surface while rotating between the moving surface and the non-moving part of the block. This allows lines to move more quickly through the block.  For example, when you want to turn downwind and ease the mainsheet quickly, the less friction there is in the mainsheet system, the faster the boom will swing. Shop at APS for a wide variety of sailing blocks on sale from the top boat hardware brands.


For a full break down on ball bearing blocks and how they work, check out this in-depth discussion on the APS blog.


Allen Ball Bearing Blocks:

This range of Allen Bros. was made with a fine attention to detail from the materials used to the functionality. Built and molded to avoid line chafing, these super stong blocks won't let you down. The engineering of these sailing blocks is a cut above the rest. 

Harken Ball Bearing Blocks:

Harken offers several different series of ball bearing blocks. They have produced the Black Magic Air Blocks line are strong and lightweight. Made with high-load bearing Torlon roller bearings, they are great for sail control systems. These big boat blocks can be found in 57mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm sizes. For a lightweight small boat option, check out the Carbo Air Block series. These blocks are a smaller, more compact companion to the Black Magic blocks. Lightweight and reliable while maintaining a high working load, these 29, 40, 57, or 75mm blocks are a great go-to for many applications. As for cruising sailors, look no further for the perfect block. The Harken ESP block series ahs everything you need. While stylized to compliment all Harken hardware, these blocks have a simplistic design. Made with sleeve bearings perfect for high static loads they're great for cruising boat halyards and limited purchase systems alike. Found in aluminum or stainless steel, these are avaibale in 40, 57, 75 and 100mm sizes. Last but certainly not least, when you just need that standard go-to block, the Harken Classic Block Series has you covered. Found in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit any pulley application on your boat, these blocks come with Derlin ball bearings. The bearings, sheave and sideplates are UV-stabilized and held together with stainless steel straps to ensure durability. A block from Harken simply won't let you down.

Karver Ball Bearing Blocks:

Karver ains to provide lightweight and innovative technology with their block ranges. If you are looking for a high tech lashing block, these compostite bearing solutions are the right ones for you. 

Lewmar Ball Bearing Blocks:

Two great options are proveded by Lewmar for ball bearing solutions; The Racing and the Synchro Control Series. The Lewmar Racing blocks have a high stregth to weight ratio yet remain lightweight. The open alloy construction and derlin balls ensure smooth running lines and easy handling. For hand loads on your boat, check out the Control blocks. the fiberglass reinforced composite cheeks are built to stand up to many seasons in the sun. Stainless steel ball bearings make for a lightweight block that maintains an impressive breaking load.

Ronstan Ball Bearing Blocks:

For a great block in a range of sizes from 20-75 mm, the Ronstan Ball Bearing blocks will do the trick. Great for vangs, halyards and mainsheets, these acetal or Tolon ball bearings create high performance blocks with low friction. A 2-stage ball bearing systems allows lines to run freely at any load. The Orbit Block range delivers with an ultra-lightweight and low profile body and super high weight bearing performance. Perfect for dinghies, sportsboats and small keelboats. The acetal and PTFE impregnanted nylon ball bearings keep the stage 2-ball system flowing with easy on any control line.

Selden Ball Bearing Blocks:

The lightweight Selden ball bearing and roller ball bearing blocks are designed to high bearing strength under moderate and dynamic loads where good sheave rotation and minimal friction are desired. Tolon roller bearings and acetal ball bearings create low friction while the aluminum cheeks are made to last.


To help you make the most informed marine hardware decisions, we have researched, compared and contrasted some of the most highly rated blocks for you.

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