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More information on Cleats & Clutches:

Cleats are a crucial part of boat hardware. From control lines to halyards to dock lines, we have the cleat you need to hold your lines in place.  APS carries quality marine parts in a variety of makes and models from Ronstan, Schaefer, Spinlock, Allen Brothers, Harken, Clamcleats, and Lewmar.


Sailing cleats and clutches fall into a few categories depending on their design and usage.

Cam Cleats & Accessories

Cam cleats are able to accommodate a variety of rope sizes and are great when lines frequently need to be cleated and release. Applications include mainsheet, vang, spinnaker halyard, and more on small boats. On larger boats, these cleats are still used on control lines like traveler, jib sheet position, topping lift, and retractable bow sprit lines.

Clamcleats® & V-Cleats

V-cleats, or jam cleats, are used for smaller diameter lines that need to be frequently adjusted. They are most often used on control lines like outhauls, cunninghams, even rudder downhauls.

Clutches & Jammers

When a line becomes larger or more loaded than a cam cleat is designed for, it is time to upgrade to a clutch. A clutch keeps the line captive at all times so there is no risk of accidental release like from a cam cleat. Clutches work as a one way valve, so line can always be trimmed in, but cannot be eased until the lever handle is opened. By strategically using clutches, a great number of things can be controlled from just a few winches from the safety of the cockpit.

Horn Cleats

Traditional horn cleats are ideal for docking or mooring cleats, as well, as lines that are not frequently adjusted such as a main halyard.


Smaller v-cleats are used with any small control line that requires frequent cleating and releasing.


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