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More information on Cam Cleats & Accessories:

Cam Cleats are complementary hardware to your existing block systems. Used to cleat dinghy halyards, sheets, cunninghams and outhauls, cam cleats can be outfitted with accessories from cam cleat eyestraps, plastic and wire fairleads, colored caps, bases, wedge kits, cam arms or swivel bases as well as attached to many blocks.

APS stocks a full range of cam cleats and accessories from the top makers of sailing hardware.

Harken Cam Cleats:

The most commonly used and sold cam cleat is the Harken H150. Its size and design allow it to be used on many one design boats for a slew of purposes. Great for high load, high wear applications, the tough anodized aluminum pawls and base create a secure grip on any line. Cam-matic and Carbo Cam Cleats come in Micro Cams, Standard Cams, Offshore Cams and Double Cams. Harken also offers a cam cleat rebuild kit to improve the life span of your existing or busted cam cleat.

Ronstan C-Cleats:

Made with carbon fiber composite cams, Ronstan C-Cleats are designed to be lightweight and strong. Teflon impregnated acetal slotted bearings and stainless steel coil springs ensures a cleat that has great holding power. Ronstan cam cleats use the same hole spacing as the Harken cam cleats for easy retrofitting.

Schaefer Fast-Entry Cam Cleats:

Created with a wide flare design, Schaefer's Fast-Entry Cam Cleat easily cleats at numerous angles. These maximum grip cam cleats are made with Delrin ball bearings. Hole spacing is consistent with other popular cam cleats, making exchanging and retrofitting easy.

Spinlock PXR Cleats:

If you're looking for a performance upgrade, check out Spinlock's PXR cleat range. Ideal for swiveling main and jib sheets, these cams release easily even under high loads with just the flick of a wrist. A three stage adjustment spring allows for different applications and tensions for cleating. Stainless steel rope guides allow lines to run smoothly through the Spinlock PXR cleat. 

Other Cam Cleats:

APS also offers cam cleat and accessory options from Servo, HoltRWO & NorthFix. Servo Cleats have molded jaws with stainless reinforcements. Holt Mini Cam Cleats are alloy and are available as a cam cleat, with a fairlead or base fairlead attatchment. RWO Lance Cleats use an aluminum cam mounted vertically in a stainless frame. The NorthFix Pump Cleat is a pivoting cleat usually used for a spinnaker halyard pump up system.


Cam Cleat Swivel Bases, Cam Arms & other Mountings and Accessories:

Swivel bases produce the optimum cleating angle and fits with the associated cam cleat for Harken, Holt or Ronstan. The Holt Swivel Cleat is designed for cunninghams and outhauls mounted on the mast for use on dinghies and catamarans. Harken Halyard Cam base speeds up spinnaker launches and takedowns.



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