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More information on Clutches & Jammers:

Keep your halyards securely in place with sailing clutches or line jammers. Clutches allow for easy release under load with a non-slip grip. Jammers are for high load situations where using the winch for release is a necessary safety function or lower load situations where a cam cleat just won’t do it.


Holt Clutches:

The Holt Nautos XR Clutch range has the patented Xtreme Release clutch system to easily release under high loads. This makes these Holt Allen Clutches great for inexperienced sailing crew or fast releases on racing sailboats.

Lewmar Clutches:

Lewmar Rope Clutches are available in the D1 Rope Clutch or D2 Rope Clutch model. Lewmar Superlock clutches have a special domino clutch and release mechanism for a larger hold area for better holding, reduced wear, and controlled release.

Spinlock Clutches and Jammers:

Spinlock Rope clutches come in many configurations. The Spinlock XAS Multi Role Clutch is available with a full line of XAS Clutch replacement parts. Great for racing yachts, the Spinlock XTS Clutch features a secure handle lock and is suitable for a wide range of line diameters. For larger sailboats, the Spinlock XCS High Load Clutches work great. The Spinlock XX Power Clutch feature a special 3D wedge action and are great for highly loaded line applications on high performance racing yachts.

Spinlock Mini Jammers are smaller than the Spinlock Clutches making them great for small keelboats in applications where cam cleats won’t do. The Spinlock ZR Jammer is designed for safer handling and high load technology. High performance yachts use the Spinlock ZS Alloy Jammer or Carbon Jammer. To save weight, try the Spinlock BRS Jammer Blocks

Clutch replacement parts and accessories for all of your Spinlock Clutches. Available for the XAS Clutch Parts, XTS Clutch Replacement Parts, XCS Clutch Replacement Parts, XX Power Clutch Replacement Parts and Powerjammer ZS Replacement Parts.

GlowFast Clutch Labels:

GlowFast Clutch Labels allow your crew to see the rope clutches throughout the night and refrain from costly mistakes. Perfect for racing or cruising they work for jammers, clutches and can even be put on mast entry points for easy recognition of halyards.



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