Schaefer Midrail Cleat

Keeps line snagging cleats off the deck of a racing boat. Attach to your T-track for tying up at the dock. Store down below when racing.

Part # Max Line Dia. (in) Length (in) Weight (lbs) Track Suited
SC7074 1/2 6.5 0.9 1" x 1/8"
SC7075 5/8 7.5 1.5 1 1/4" x 3/16"
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  • Schaefer Mid-Rail Cleat

    Schaefer Mid-Rail Cleat



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  • Schaefer Mid Rail Cleat

    Schaefer Mid Rail Cleat



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More information on Horn Cleats:

Horn cleats are a crucial part of sailboat hardware. Horn cleats are what you think of when you imagine a traditional nautical rope cleat. The T-shaped molded cleat comes in a variety of sizes and materials suitable for a ton of different applications. They can be used on the deck of the boat or dock as mooring cleats, on the mast to cleat off the halyard, or millions of other uses. Even self-tailing winches should have a cleat available for backup or to free up the winch in an emergency. APS carries a range of horn cleats made from nylon or fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum and stainless steel able to accommodate a variety of rope sizes. They can easily be affixed to your dock, mast or deck or anywhere else you might need one! 


APS carries a wide range of sailboat horn cleats from Schaefer Marine, Forespar, and Allen Brothers. In addition to traditional horn cleats, variations are available with open or closed bases, integrated jam cleats, or high and low profiles.


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