Sailboat Shackles and Fittings

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More information on Shackles and Fittings:

Typically made with stainless steel or titanium, metal sailing shackles come in many configurations including soft shackles, spool shackles, spectra loops, trigger release shackles, peeling strops, snap shackles, J-Lock Shackes for various applications for sheets and halyards.

APS carries sailing rigging and hardware from the top brands in the marine industry. Here you will find quality boat parts like shackles and fittings from Tylaska, Ronstan, Wichard, Schaefer, RWO, RaceLite, Antal, EquipLite, and Harken.



Clevis Pins, Quick Pins, Ring Dings

Regular clevis pins, push button fast pins, ring dings (circular pins / cotter rings), and cotter pins.


Fids allow you to release a shackle without risk to your fingers. Also used to set remote opening of trigger shackles.

Hooks, Links, Clips & Brummels

Gated hooks, carabineers, sister clips, S hooks, snap hooks, reefing hooks, thumb trigger snaps.

Rings, Triangles & D Rings

Rings for spinnaker pole bridles, reefing systems, halyards fine tunes

Snap Shackles

Used for headsail and spinnaker halyards. Available as a swivel or fixed shackle.

Soft Shackles & Loops

Dyneema soft shackles or loops can be used nearly everywhere to save weight, and be more forgiving to decks and crew members.  Also includes related hardware like spools and dogbones.

Standard Shackles - Halyard, D, Bow & Twist

Shackles for main halyards and all blocks, deck hardware, even anchors – anytime a more specialized shackle is required.

Swivel Shackles

Swivels are used with blocks and rigging systems to provide articulation and rotation.

Trigger Shackles

Used for spinnaker sheets, guys, and asymmetrical tack lines. They all have one thing in common; they are trigger release for quick, easy and efficient release.


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