RWO Nylon Hooks (w/Keepers)

These hooks have countless applications. Great for shock cords and other uses where quick attachment/detachment is important. Lightweight black nylon. 

Part No. Break Load Eye Diameter Length
lb kg in mm in mm
R8404 44 20 1/4 6 1-5/8 41
R8405 50 23 3/8 9 2 51

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More information on Hooks, Links, Clips & Brummels:

Hooks, Links, and Clips are used wherever a traditional shackle will not work. Schaefer or Ronstan S-hooks are frequently used in cunninghams or downhauls. Wichard snap hooks are great for spinnaker pole topping lifts. Sister clips are perfect for any application where weight savings are critical – like light air spinnaker sheets.  Sea Dog or OptiParts snaps are economical fixes for all sorts of projects – from securing gear under way to Opti main sheets.


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