Schaefer Welded Reefing/Cunningham Hooks

Formed stainless steel with high strength welded eyes and long stems for secure insertion into sail grommets. Ideal for use as a fast attachment to pressed rings and grommets as well.

Part No. Boat Size Up To Rod Diameter Eye Diameter Length Width Weight
Feet Meters in mm in mm in mm in mm oz g
SC7645 30 9.1 1/4 6 7/16 11 2-5/8 67 1-13/16 46 2 56
SC7646 45 13.7 5/16 8 5/8 16 3-7/8 97 2-1/2 64 3 84

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More information on Hooks, Links, Clips & Brummels:

Hooks, Links, and Clips are used wherever a traditional shackle will not work. Schaefer or Ronstan S-hooks are frequently used in cunninghams or downhauls. Wichard snap hooks are great for spinnaker pole topping lifts. Sister clips are perfect for any application where weight savings are critical – like light air spinnaker sheets.  Sea Dog or OptiParts snaps are economical fixes for all sorts of projects – from securing gear under way to Opti main sheets.


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