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These sailboat lines offer low stretch performance at an economical price. Medium tech double braids work well for moderately loaded control lines like spinnaker sheets, mainsheets. Read more…


APS Advisor Sailboat Line Construction: Single Braid vs Double Braid

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A step up from polyester double braids, the double braided lines in this category offer most of the advantages of 100% high tech core lines, at a much more economical price point. The strength is provided by a high tech fiber like Dyneema or Vectran, but is blended with other materials like polypropylene to provide necessary bulk. The polypropylene retains the benefits of the high tech material by being lightweight and non-water absorbing.


These lines are perfect for club racers or racing cruisers looking for low stretch performance, but don’t need to radically downsize diameters. They are also finding their way on to long distance cruising boats where the extra strength and weight savings ensure safety and easy of handling on larger boats. All of these use a polyester cover for durability, abrasion resistance, and UV protection.

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