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Cruising sailboat boats require similar performance from all of their running rigging - Lower stretch, UV stability and abrasion resistance for long life.  This makes double braid polyester lines a good choice for any application.  If you are a performance cruiser with laminate sails, choosing higher performing lines than polyester double braids will provide significant results. Read more…


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  • Samson Ropes MLX Line

    Samson Ropes MLX Line



    25% OFF

  • Samson Ropes Amsteel Blue AS-78 Line group

    Samson Ropes Amsteel Blue AS-78 Line



    26% OFF

  • NESS New England Sta Set Group

    New England Ropes Sta-Set Line



    25% OFF

  • YCULS Yale ULS group

    Yale Cordage ULS Yacht Braid Line



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  • NEED New England Ropes Endura Braid group

    New England Ropes Endura Braid Line



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  • NEVPC New England VPC group

    New England Ropes VPC Line



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  • SMTB Samson Trophy Braid group

    Samson Ropes Trophy Braid Line



    24% OFF

  • Samson Ropes XLS Line group

    Samson Ropes XLS Line



    25% OFF

  • NEDT_New_England_dinghy_tow_rope

    New England Ropes Dinghy Tow Rope



    25% OFF

  • YCNB Yale Nylon Brait

    Yale Cordage Nylon Brait Line



    25% OFF

  • NERB New England Regatta Braid

    New England Ropes Regatta Braid Line



    26% OFF

  • SMDPX Samson Ropes Control Line

    Samson Ropes Control DPX Line



    25% OFF

  • Yale Cordage PhD Cruiser Line

    Yale Cordage PhD Cruiser Line



    25% OFF

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Halyards - For cruising boats with laminate sails we recommend a blended or 100% Dyneema halyard line. For typical cruising boats using Dacron sails we recommend a polyester double braid line.

Jib/Genoa Sheet - Polyester double braids are the standard choice here, but blended or polyester single braids offer a line that is easier to hold and adjust.

Spinnaker Sheet - We recommend polyester double braids as the standard, but a Dyneema blended cored double braid line will offer lower stretch for better spinnaker pole control and lighter weight.

Control Lines - Double braid polyester lines work for most all cruising control line needs, unless you require lower stretch  for a critical control found in a Dyneema blended or 100% core double braid for more critical controls.

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