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APS offers a variety of lines to suit dinghy sailboat main, jib and spinnaker needs. These lines are primarily low stretch and low kink with low water absorption. Read more…


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  • FSE Robline Coppa 5000 RBLCOP

    FSE Robline Coppa 5000 Line

  • FSE Robline Coppa 5000 5.5mm RBLCOP55

    FSE Robline Coppa 5000 5.5mm (7/32")

  • FSE Robline Coppa 5000 7mm RBLCOP7

    FSE Robline Coppa 5000: 7mm (9/32")

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Dinghy sailboat mainsheets require lines with low water absorption and low kink properties to keep the sheet light and free running - especially at mark roundings.  These lines are often hand held and adjusted often so a line that is easy to hold on to and comfortable in hand is a must.


Dinghy jib sheets are hand held and adjusted often. Lightweight lines with low absorption and a comfortable grip are ideal. 


Spinnaker sheets on dinghies should be low stretch and easy to hold and adjust by hand.

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