Dyneema Blended Double Braid Sailboat Line and Rope

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Designed for the racer willing to sacrifice longevity for the ultimate in lightweight performance, dyneema blended double braids excel as light air sheets when weight counts the most. These lines typically are non-water absorbent and have a low melting temperature so they shouldn’t be used in highly loaded winch situations. Read more...


APS Advisor Sailboat Line Construction: Single Braid vs Double Braid

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These double braided ropes are versatile lines designed for racing performance on boats up to 35' - 40' as light weight control lines.


The polypropylene blends don’t hold up as well as polyester covered lines in UV so they should be kept covered while not on the water or replaced every few years. Most of the lines in this category use dyneema cores which provide the strength. An additional benefit is the line can be stripped down to the core for even more dramatic weight savings on jib, spinnaker, and even main sheets.

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