Dyneema Blended Single Braid Sailboat Line and Rope

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Dyneema blended single braids are lightweight and easy to handle making them a great  racing sailboat line. They make for great for control lines like keelboat control lines or dinghy main and jib sheets. Read more…


APS Advisor Sailboat Line Construction: Single Braid vs Double Braid    APS Advisor Line Review: Dyneema Blended Single Braids

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Perfect for racing and performance cruising boats up to 25’ for jib sheets, and up to 35’ for mainsheets. They work well in any application that doesn’t require a winch. Comfortable to hand hold, easy to adjust, and durable. These lines will last for years and not stiffen up like others. Neither nylon nor Dyneema absorb water, so these lines will remain light and manageable even when wet. Most single braids are easy to splice, allowing you to make a super customizable sheet. 

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