Polyester Double Braid Sailboat Line and Rope

Polyester double braid ropes have great flexibility and durability with moderate stretch. They are ideal for cruising and club racing sailboat control lines and cruising halyards. Read more…


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Polyester double braids are the workhorses of the sailing and marine rope world. These lines are made to be extremely durable for long spans of use. Versatile, they work well for most applications. Due to its double braid construction, it will maintain its shape over its life span. The 100% polyester materials provide great durability, holding up well over time to abrasion and sun.  When in doubt, a polyester double braid can get the job done, it just may not do it as well as a high tech or more specialized line. Since the double braid construction retains its shape so well, it will stand up to repeated winching and cleating.

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