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These lines are ideal for racing keelboats and large sportboats that require the highest performing sailboat lines. High performance double braid lines offer low stretch, low creep and low water absorption. Read more...


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Set Ascending Direction

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Halyards - For main, genoa and jib racing halyards we recommend 100% Vectran cored line. Vectran does not creep and tension remains constant over time.  100% Dyneena or Spectra halyards are recommended for spinnaker halyards where a bit of creep will not be detrimental.

Jib/Genoa Sheet - Racing sheets need to be low stretch and high strength and hold well on winch drums and in cleats. Lines with high performance cores, usually Dyneema, are recommended.

Spinnaker Sheet - Low stretch and low water absorption (keeping the sheet light) keeps the weight of the sheet from collapsing the spinnaker in light wind conditions.  Lines where the cover can be stripped at the working (sail) end of the line to further reduce weight is desirable.

Control Lines - Racing control lines require low stretch lines that are easy to grip and hand adjust, hold and cleat well.

Spinnaker Guy - Very low stretch is most important, as you do not want the spinnaker pole hitting or bouncing against the forestay when sailing through waves on a tight reach.

Running Backstay / backstay - Lines with extremely low stretch will transfer and hold adjustments to the mast for the best mainsail shape control.

Life Lines - Dyneema lines are the number one choice for life line replacement for their abrasion resistance and high strength.  Usually single braids or specialty lines are used for this application.

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