Sailboat Rigging Tools and Supplies

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  • Oval Sleeve 1/16

    Oval Sleeve 1/16

  • Cable Diameter Gauge

    Cable Diameter Gauge

  • Oval sleeve 3/32

    Oval sleeve 3/32

  • Oval sleeves 1/8

    Oval sleeves 1/8

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Items 1-16 of 31

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More information on Rigging Tools & Supplies:

APS has all tools and parts you need to work on your own rigging.


Wire Cutters:

Anyone who has ever attempted a mechanical project appreciates the difference quality tools can make. Felco manufactures extremely high quality cutting tools for wire and rope. The snips are a requirement for high tech heat resistant line like vectran or technora that cannot be melted on a conventional hot knife.

Rivet Guns & Rivets:

Rivets provide a great, permanent attachment with no protrusions to snag lines or injure crew. Aluminum is used for low load applications and is great to avoid corrosion issues on aluminum spars. Stainless rivets are required for high load applications. As rivets get larger, especially with stainless, more force is required so a heavy duty rivet tool provides valuable leverage.

Crimp & Swage Tools:

Hand crimping tools allow you to do your own crimp swaging. They can be used on ovals and stop sleeves. Insert the fittings to be crimped and then tighten with a wrench.


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How To Replace Rivets


Shop all of our marine rope and line for sale at APS here. We also have a full service rigging shop on site to meet your specific requirements.

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