Sailboat Control Lines and Rope

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Sailboat control lines are classified as the vangs, outhauls, cunninghams, traveler lines, lead controls, and downhauls among others.  APS classifies the control lines in 3 different categories, cruising or racing keelboats and dinghies. Read more…


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  • FSE Robline Coppa 5000 5.5mm RBLCOP55

    FSE Robline Coppa 5000 5.5mm (7/32")

  • FSE Robline Coppa 5000 7mm RBLCOP7

    FSE Robline Coppa 5000: 7mm (9/32")

  • FSE Robline Coppa 5000 RBLCOP

    FSE Robline Coppa 5000 Line

  • Samson AS-90 Dyneema

    Samson AS-90 Dyneema Line

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Cruising Control Lines -  The best control lines for cruising boats are UV stable, have relatively low stretch and hard wearing.     

Racing Control Lines – For control lines on racing keelboats, low stretch lines that are easy to grip and hand adjust are crucial. These lines will and hold and cleat well. Where lines are spliced (not cleated/clutched) uncovered single braids may be used.                         

Dinghy Control Lines – Dinghy control lines are usually smaller diameter, low stretch lines that hold well in cleats.

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