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Our cover only section refers to line cover for any rope to add additional abrasion resistance or increase the outer diameter. We also offer sailboat racing covers which provide superior heat protection from friction caused by winch drums. Read more…

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As the name suggests, it serves one purpose: to cover another line for increased durability against clutches, halyard exits, and more. Covers are available in a variety of materials for a wide range of applications. Dyneema rope cover has high abrasion resistance and a slippery feel that makes it run well through halyard exits or any place where abrasion resistance is needed and you don’t have to handle it. Polyester rope cover, which comes standard on most double braid line, is a good option for extra chafe protection or bulking. Aramids, like Kevlar, Technora, or Nomex, have very high heat and abrasion resistance when lines are highly loaded and are especially grippy for sheet applications on winches

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