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APS offers a variety of lines suited for different types of sailboat sheets. Whether you are racing or cruising, sailing dinghies or keelboats, we can help you find a line suited for your main, jib, genoa or spinnaker sheet. Read more…


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Mainsheet, Jib/Genoa & Spinnaker Sheets – Cruising     

               Lines that work well for cruising main, jib/genoa or spinnaker sheets are UV stable, relatively low stretch and hard wearing. These attributes create economical lines with a long life.  They will hold well on winch drums, in self-tailers and cleats.

Mainsheet - Racing        

               For a racing mainsheet low stretch, easily grippable and well running lines are key.  It is important that these run well through multi-purchase blocks to help the mainsail let out quickly at mark roundings.

Mainsheet - Dinghy       

               Dinghy mainsheets require lines with low water absorption and low kink properties to keep the sheet light and free running - especially at mark roundings.  These lines are often hand held and adjusted often so a line that is easy to hold on to and comfortable in hand is a must.

Jib/Genoa Sheet - Racing            

               Racing lines for a jib or genoa sheet should be low stretch with a grippy cover that holds well on winch drums and cleats.

Jib Sheet - Dinghy           

               Dinghy jib sheets are hand held and adjusted often. Lightweight lines with low absorption and a comfortable grip are ideal. 

Spinnaker Guy - Racing

               For a racing spinnaker guy having a line with very low stretch is most important, as you do not want the spinnaker pole bouncing against the forestay when sailing through waves on a tight reach.

Spinnaker Sheet - Racing            

               When choosing a racing spinnaker sheet look for low stretch and low water absorption. Keeping the sheet light keeps the weight of the sheet from collapsing the spinnaker in light wind conditions. Often can be tapered and stripped for additional weight savings.

Spinnaker Sheet - Dinghy            

               Low stretch and easy to hold and adjust by hand.

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