Sailboat Shock Cord, Stretch Cord and Webbing

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Use shock and stretch cord anywhere a return force is needed on a sailboat. APS also stocks webbing and webbing hardware; Available in all sizes for any application. Read more…

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  • Webbing Bridge, 1-1/2 Grey (2)

    Allen Webbing Bridge: 2" Grey (Pair)



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  • Stainless Webbing Plate (2), 1-1/2

    RWO Stainless Webbing Plate: 1-1/2" (pair)



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  • Stainless Webbing Plate (2), 2

    RWO Stainless Webbing Plate: 2" (pair)



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Shockcord is available in three varieties. APS shockcord uses elastic strands covered with a tough polyester cover (not nylon that degrades in the sun) for protection from abrasion and UV exposure. Stretchcord on the other hand, is a solid elastomer alternative that provides a more consistent return force over its stretch range than traditional shockcord. Since there are no natural elastic fibers, the single synthetic elastomer will not dry-rot or degrade in salt water, while also providing a stronger and more consistent return force. For the best of both worlds, we offer covered solid elastomer. Covered in a tough UV-inhibited polyester, the solid rubber core is resistant to UV, saltwater, humid salt air, petroleum products, and most caustic chemicals including chlorine. Simply put – it can handle the harsh marine environment.


Webbing is available in three different forms. Flat polyester is a go-to material for simple yet durable hiking straps. Tubular webbing can be used to run a dyneema core through for exceptional strength in applications like jacklines. Finally, we offer Spectra webbing which is extremely strong, lightweight and abrasion resistant making it ideal for a variety of specialized applications. Don't forget to checkout the webbing hardware. We offer buckles, clips, bridges and more in various materials.

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