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  • Small Stainless Fid

    Small Stainless Fid

  • Large Stainlesss Fid

    Large Stainlesss Fid

  • Splicing Needle - Small

    Splicing Needle - Small

  • Splicing Needle- Large

    Splicing Needle- Large

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More information on Splicing Tools, Supplies & Stopper Balls:

APS offers a large number of splicing tools hand selected by our expert riggers. That’s right, these are not your average throw away tools – these are the same real tools we use on our here on our rig bench every day and will last for years and years to come.

We sell whipping twine, needles, fids, knives, tape, shrink wrap and instructional guides separately or combined into handy splicing kits. For a professional looking job, cut and heat seal line ends with a portable hot knife rope cutter. Stopper balls are used to prevent halyards from getting stuck in the mast or damaging the shackle or mast exit. Doughnuts also have many applications, but are primarily used to protect shackles installed on spinnaker guys from jamming in pole ends.


Take your rigging into your own hands and even learn how to splice your own rope with instructional videos, DVDs and books. 

Check out the APS Blog for more tips and tricks:

How to Terminate Line Ends at Home

How to Terminate Lines with a Rope Cutter

How to: APS Sail Repair Kit


Shop all of our marine rope and line for sale at APS. We also have a full service rigging shop on site to meet your specific requirements.

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