Vectran Cored Double Braid Sailboat Line and Rope


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Use a Vectran double braid line for upwind sailboat halyards, afterguys and tack lines. With low-stretch,no-creep performance you won't have to worry about your sail settings changing. Read more…

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  •  NEV100 New England V100 group

    New England Ropes V-100 Line

  • Yale Cordage Crystalyne Line

    Yale Cordage Crystalyne Line

  • 150' PAR Shark 6mm Blue

    1/2" -- 150` PAR Shark 6mm Blue



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  • 15' PAR Shark 8mm Blue

    5/16" -- 15` PAR Shark 8mm Blue



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Vectran, a type of liquid crystal polymer (LCP), is similar to Dyneema with a few key differences. Vectran has stretch, elongation under load, comparable to Dyneema but does not creep(unrecoverable stretch) over time. Vectran also offers higher resistance to heat. The trade-off comes in that it is not as UV stable, and depends more on a coating or cover for sun protection. However for racing boats, the cover is still commonly stripped to reduce weight. The double braids in this category have a polyester cover which is durable, abrasion and UV resistant.

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