Laser Sailboat Parts and Accesssories

Every Laser sailboat hull is built to the same one design class specifications so boat parts are interchangeable.  There are three rigs sizes that are chosen depending on the sailor's weight.  They are the full size standard rig, the smaller radial rig and the smallest, 4.7 rig - the only differences when sailing are in the lower mast and sail sizes.  We have many APS upgraded line and rigging options, APS covers and blade bags and the largest selection of Laser dinghy parts and gear. 

Laser Sailboat Parts and Accesssories

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More Information on our Laser Sailboat product offering: 

Whether you call it a Laser sailboat, dinghy or boat, it’s all the same. Designed by Bruce Kirby in 1969, the Laser dinghy class quickly gained attention for its simple design and sailability. Now one of the most popular one-design classes, the Laser dinghy class has grown to over 200,000 boats worldwide. Laser classes can be found all over the world, in addition to being an Olympic boat.

Annapolis Performance Sailing is the leading retailer of Laser dinghy parts and gear. We offer a large variety of Laser sailboat parts, Laser sails, dinghy covers, and even a selection of new Laser boats. On top of boat parts, APS is a great resource for racing aids, Laser sailing videos, and books on how to sail a Laser. Find the parts you need from Laser Performance, Optiparts, Harken, Allen Bros., Seitech, Ronstan, C-Vane and more!

Laser Accessories

Everything you need from dollies to trailers, compasses and racing tips.

Laser Covers and Bags

Find all your Laser dinghy covers, blade bags, spar bags and more!

Laser Spars and Fittings

A full offering of upper and lower masts and booms. Looking to change your rig to a Laser Radial or Laser 4.7? We carry those too!

Laser Lines

We carry any and every line you might need for your dinghy, including a large range of Laser class rule legal APS upgrades.

Laser Sails, Battens & Sail Bags:

 Keep your Laser moving fast with a new sail! We offer both practice and racing sails, replacement batten sets, sail numbers and bags.

Laser Tillers, Daggerboards, & Rudders:

 Find a wide range of tiller extension options along with new complete Laser foils and replacement parts.

Recreational Laser Parts

All the perfect hardware, sail and rigging solutions for your recreational club Laser. 


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