Laser Mainsheets, Lines and Vang Kits





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  • Laser-Vang-Upgrade-Diagram

    Laser Vang Upgrade and Parts Diagram

    Starting at: $3.29

  • Micro Single H224

    Harken Micro Single

  • D Shackle 3/16 Pin H072

    Harken D Shackle 3/16 Pin

  • Harken AirBlock - 16mm, Single H404

    Harken 16mm Single Block

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Items 1-16 of 70

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More information on Laser Lines

Here at APS, we work hard to bring you the best high performance rigging options for your Laser sailboat because we use them too! We have assembled pre-spec’ed cunninghams, outhauls, mainsheets, travelers, vangs, upgrade kits and complete line packages. Made from the best lines around, these rigging upgrades can take the hassle out of Laser sail adjustments and tuning. Don’t see exactly what you want or need? We have custom in-house rigging services available if you're interested in other options.


Check out our full product offering for your Laser or other One Design Sailboats.

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